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Golden Hour & Simple: Weekly Photo Challenges

I set out to take some Golden Hour Photos as I wrangled with ideas of something to post on the theme simple and as I reviewed this fresh snaps I thought these covered both themes in one.

Golden Hour is the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset. Colours pop because the light and shadow is perfect.

Simple… could be so many things. First thing that comes to mind is ‘keep it simple stupid‘ and I think that can apply to photography too. As I participate in these photo challenges, learn and grow as a photographer I think simple does make the best shots. 🙂


simple dandelions in the golden hour

Golden Hour Wheat in Sepia

Golden Hour Wheat in Sepia

Both taken with Canon Power Shot SX40 HS

Check out WordPress for the Golden Hour shots and Where’s My Backpack for Simple. Everyone can join in, or just check it out for more responses.

Heading off to Ottawa Wednesday so stay tuned for more Canadian Adventures!

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