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Merry Christmas 2016

I know I know I have been terrible at blogging. I tried to do it at least once a month, but for some reason I just haven’t gotten to it. School is not as busy or intense, so really I don’t know what is my excuse. Maybe because my computer is not my only source of entertainment and work. I do not even turn it on most weekends! I don’t need to do endless planning and try to watch TV from home, I can just turn on the TV and watch 😉 Again I am using twitter more often and at least once a week I post a picture of something and more often I retweet, reply and comment on things, so you can catch me there. You do not need a twitter account to view my postings there… just click on the link on my blog home page and it will take you there. However, if you want to comment on anything on Twitter you will then need an account.

Merry Yukon Christmas

Merry Yukon Christmas

We are staying in the Great White North for the holidays this year. Hope this post finds you well, happy and healthy. All the best for a wonderful 2017.

Stay tuned…


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Elfie Selfie :)

The countdown is on… Santa has started his journey to some parts of the world already, while others may be waking soon to see what the jolly old elf has left under the tree. Here in Canada we are enjoying a cold day -15c!!! and a light snow. It is a Christmas scene right out of the movies.

If you were one of Santa’s Elves what would your name be? While walking through #SouthCenterMall in Calgary we spotted this sign to figure out what your elf name would be. It is quite simple… use the first letter of your name and month you were born.

We had a giggle figuring out names for our friends and family. Please post your Elf name in the comments below.

Make your Selfie  Elfie. What would your name be?

Make your Selfie Elfie. What would your name be?


I am Happy Monkey Buns.  John is Puddin Pointy Toes and we can’t leave out Willow (the cat). Her Elf name is Frisbee Toe Bells. I think Sandy Claws is more fitting. LOL

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2016.

Remember it is the season of love not presents or rushing from one place to the next. Take your time to enjoy the time spent with loved ones.


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Willow Wednesday -Winter Edition

Its been awhile since Willow made an appearance, so she’s back to wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and New Year.


Oh to have the life of a cat where a little bit of sunshine makes you smile :)

Oh to have the life of a cat where a little bit of sunshine makes you smile 🙂













All the best 🙂   -CTB 😀 2014

Stay tuned….


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CTB Take Flight

Ho ho ho it is that time of year where many people travel. Living abroad it is the one holiday pretty well everyone is going somewhere. Many people travel back to their home countries to share the holidays with friends and relatives, while others go on beach holidays or other fun travel destinations. Each year thus far we have gone home for Christmas, but this year is different. We are going to Siem Reap, Cambodia to see the temples of Angkor Wat.

I love ancient history and Egyptian and Roman art and architecture are my favourite. I love exploring old temples, churches and reading about days long gone. It amazes me how such incredible structures could be built without modern technology. Angkor Wat promises to dazzle and awe in the same way.

Bags are almost packed and 1 more sleep before we get on a plane to one of my most anticipated locations and adventures in travel. Since we have been living in Shanghai we have had the chance to see many amazing places and meet fantastic people. From the Terracotta Warriors and Great Wall, and huts on a hillside where every cell relaxed and became tranquil, to a hustle and bustle of a busy city. My love of history has built this next destination up in my mind as the best yet and I just can’t wait.

We are gone for 10 days and I will have my iPad, so I can try to blog. I do not have a cord to download photos from my camera to the iPad, so you may have to wait for images :0)

All the best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Travel safe….

Stay tuned….

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