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Proud Treasures: Photo Challenges

This week word press has asked us to show a treasure; something special and dear to our heart. Maybe it is a simple item and others would  think of it as meaningless, but to yourself it is priceless. Bastet has asked us to show photos we like and are especially proud of the way they turned out. To me my photos are treasures that showcase my world travels and bring back memories of places, people and events. Each is special and unique. To have had the opportunity to travel, especially so much in the last 4 years, that has been a wonderful gift. To be able to see places most  people have only heard about, seen in books, or on TV is amazing. I will treasure my photos long after we leave. These below are some I am most proud of and one day they may grace the walls of our home.

I have loved taking photos for a long time and I am trying hard to learn more. Someone once told me look for the shot no one else will have. Although I find a good photo sometimes is a lucky shot, a fleeting moment you happen to capture, a chance encounter that you might be in the right place at the right time, or when all elements just come together. Other times it takes  a careful eye and planning. The following are the shots I am most proud of. Enjoy my treasures….

Intricate carvings

Intricate carvings – Angkor Wat. The lighting was perfect for this capture of the bas reliefs along the temple walls.

I love this photo. It caught my breath and I almost couldn’t believe it was I who took it. Cambodia was an amazing place and this photo was my favourite from Angkor Wat. Everything came together perfectly.

Speaking of lighting be just right…..

Sun or Heavenly Rays in St. Peter's Basilica?

Rome, Italy – Sun or Heavenly Rays in St. Peter’s Basilica?

I saw the sun rays and hoped it turned out. It was much later I realised how this looked and I was really happy with the result.

This next one reminded me of an eerie old B&W film. The sepia tones in the hazy, humid sky after an earlier downpour played with the lights. Everyone takes the horizontal shot of the parliament buildings, so I looked for an alternate angle. I was happy how it was different and the atmosphere and feeling it has.

The Peace Tower at Night

The Peace Tower at Night

I liked the shadows of the palms to frame the view we had on the beach while we were in the Philippines. More than just another shot of the beautiful blue water.

What a view!

What a view!

I also took this shot in the Philippines. I kept moving around to get the right angle, light and detail I wanted. I am really happy with the result. I like how the palm is in the background to give it an extra dimension. It is my new favourite. What do you think?


What do you treasure? What photo are you most happy with? Check out the links above to see more posts, or find out how post your own.  No photos? Then tell us about it in the comment section below.

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Thanks in advance. 🙂

Stay tuned…

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Masterpiece: Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s theme from Word Press is Masterpiece. After reading a blog about Rome I thought about this symbol from ancient Rome right near the Colosseum.

Arch of Constantine, Rome

Arch of Constantine, Rome

The Colosseum itself is also a masterpiece that has stood the test of time 🙂 I decided to use the Arch of Constantine instead, which is right beside the Colosseum. It was started about 312 AD and dedicated in 315 AD. Triumphal arches were popular in ancient Rome and many can be seen around the Forum in Rome which celebrated triumphs of the current Roman Emperor. Every emperor aimed to have one in a prime location and to show their importance and accomplishments to the people. This one in particular is interesting since it has sculpture and reliefs from numerous other monuments from the Emperors Trajan, Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius. If you look carefully you can see the different styles and techniques that developed over time. This took the best of the best from other masterpieces and put it all in one along side of current depictions of Constantine.

It is thought due to lack of time art work was moved from other places and added here. The pieces were chosen carefully. Iconography was important to symbolise different things to the people of the time. The emperors used were part of a “golden age” and were popular with the people and did good things. Using these as a part of Constantine’s arch was not only to show his importance, but putting him in line with other popular and great emperors before him.

Be sure to check out more examples here.

What masterpiece have you seen?

As always stay tuned…

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