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Pussy Willow Tails: She’s ONE!

Today is Willow’s birthday. We got her in November and she has been a great addition to our family. After having to put Holly down last year I wasn’t sure I was ready for another pet; besides living in China and getting her back home I thought we may wait. We quickly fell in love with this little ball of fur and energy. She has quite the personality! She loves to play and I have taught her how to play fetch. Now she is learning how to speak for treats… I swear she thinks she is a dog, or a monkey. If she isn’t playing tricks she is climbing things. Slowly she is learning and not as naughty as she once was. She knows what she isn’t allowed to do, although sometimes she still tries to get away with it.

She has really grown over the last few months. The little thing that we brough home could fit in one hand, then from my wrist to my elbow. Now she is too long for my lap. Her colour has darkened and she lost some of the pinky beige colouring she once had although, she still has her circle print on her sides, a very funny pattern to match her personality. She has quieted down a bit over the last few weeks as she is getting older and has been fixed.

She is my model and I take endless photos of her (sorry honey I may just have more photos of the cat than you). Here are a few that I took today and one of my favourites.

Who wouldn't want to hear more about the cutest cat ever?

Who wouldn’t want to hear more about the cutest cat ever?













Happy Birthday !

Happy Birthday !

Willow Turns 1

Willow Turns 1

So do you have a pet?

Stay tuned….

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Pussy Willow Tails

There is always so much I want to write and post about, but due to time to think, edit and compile photos I am taking the easy way out again this week. BUT I thought it would be a good idea to give you an update on our little furry addition to our family. If you recall last November we introduced Willow a little exotic short hair kitten. Exotic short hairs are a cross between Persians (hence the squishy face) and the American Short hair(playful & active personality). They are also called the lazy man’s Persians since they are low shed and need no brushing. Well I found that part true until the last month when I have found strands and tufts of fur everywhere!

Please NO Photos

Please NO Photos

Willow was a quiet little kitten who was so shy and laid in my arms for a few hours as we debated, bargained and discussed getting her. After a day or two in her new home she got over her shyness and became quite the personality. She is funny and quirky. Willow is pretty active and runs around for hours chasing her toy mice and flinging them in the air. Being very busy with work I spend most time at home on the computer or marking. She quickly adapted and now brings her toys to me and I throw them to which she will fetch and return until she tires. Yes a dog cat who plays fetch.

Willow is also a climber and part monkey. Shelves, tables, clothes drying rack… all fair game. Living in an apartment is not exactly made for a climbing cat. I would love to get her one of those massive crazy cat ‘trees’, but how would I get that in a suitcase back to Canada? She will just have to wait until we go home.

For a young kitten she is clever. She knows when I am in search of her lost toys and will come to help. One day I laid the toys our on a chair as I found them, but 2 were still unaccounted for. When I returned that night only 1 missing toy. I thought I must have been mistaken and it was there all along. No one else was home, so what else could it be? Well the next morning all the toys were laid out on the chair. I am NOT making this up! A cat that cleans up their toys!

Wasn't Me

Wasn’t Me

Well sometimes…

She is naughty, it goes hand in hand with being clever! She knows she isn’t suppose to scratch the furniture and soon as I look over she pretends to do something else. Willow has gotten on tables and sneaks about until I catch her and then she runs to hide. She sometimes talks back when I look at her doing something wrong. She will meow like “what?” Cat with attitude… must be in her teenage phase πŸ˜‰

She is cute as a button though and you can’t stay mad for long. She is light and dark grey with tabby markings. On each side she has a bullseye, circle shape. Her fur also has a beige tinge, so she looks pinkish. Those eyes are priceless with an orange/brown hue. They freak out my brother though. He thinks they look like snake eyes. She loves pillows and will burrow behind them to sleep; her own kitty cat cave. The quirkiest thing is her love of maple granola bars! I was eating one and a crumb fell on the floor and she gobbled it up. She now knows the sound of the wrapper and will bug until she gets some. She doesn’t bother me for other foods, just oatmeal granola whether it oatmeal cereal or granola bars. Should make her transition back to Canada easier πŸ˜‰

Willow is growing and is no longer able to fit in the crook of 1 arm. I really noticed her growth after I went to Canada for 2 weeks over Chinese New Year. She is 9 months old and almost full grown. She is great company and keeps me entertained. John has been away the last few months and will return shortly. I am sure he will be surprised at her size.

Lazy Days in the Cozy Cat Cave

Lazy Days in the Cozy Cat Cave

Do you have any pets? What is something interesting or funny they do?

Stay tuned…

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