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So this is Christmas in Cambodia

Oh Christmas Twig,   oh Christmas Twig how beautiful are your branches… hmmm doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but that is the norm for a Christmas tree twig here in Cambodia. We did see a few trees around, small table top size, for sale at a shop for travelers. A random few large ones have been spotted too at local restaurants, but mostly they are twigs. I guess real evergreens in the jungle are a pretty rare or impossible find.

A Christmas twig with dead leaves and garland tinsel.

A Christmas twig with dead leaves and garland tinsel.

The festive twigs have mostly been spray painted white. They are then placed in pots and left as are, while others have lights added which at night does give it a Christmas tree appearance –at a distance. Others have tacky tinsel added and some even ornaments, but that is rare. We even spotted this one on Pub Street with added snow cotton balls.


Christmas dinner  in Cambodia-tacos and cocktails

Christmas dinner in Cambodia-tacos and cocktails

Lights adorn the trees and these lights across the main street sparkle in rows and rows down the entire road every few feet. They shine with the outline of Angkor Wat. It certainly is an untraditional Christmas. This is what Christmas dinner looked like: Christmas tacos, beer and cocktails. The weather was warm and employees wore Santa hats and said Merry Christmas with giggles. Either they didn’t understand why they were saying it, or laughed that we were eating tacos instead of the traditional turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. 😦  Some hotels and fancier restaurants offered Christmas dinner at a large and hefty price. I think we had better luck with cheap beer and tacos then dry expensive turkey.

The weather has been unseasonably cool and most days it has been at least comfortable. One day since we arrived (on Sunday) was hot, but lacking the dreaded humidity, so in the shade it is comfortable.

I apologize for the missing photos, for now you must use your imagination. The internet is too slow to upload

Christmas tree with snow and all ;)

Christmas tree with snow and all 😉

photos, so I will add photos once we get a faster internet connection, which may be once we get back to Shanghai. Bite my tongue… I always complain about poor internet in Shanghai. Who thought there would be something slower? Now we are back in Shanghai I have been able to add the pictures. Did they live up to your imagination?

This is what Christmas looked like in Siem Reap, Cambodia for us this year. How did you celebrate?

Stay tuned…

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Holidays: Tourist in Your Own Town

The holiday decorations are up and carols are starting to play non-stop at the malls. Christmas parades with the jolly old elf Santa himself have started in different cities all around the world. The cheesy photo booth is probably operating a regular schedule by now, so you can get your photos with Santa. The holiday concerts and parties have sent the invitations and we may have even added a few holiday pounds by now. Looks like the  holidays are in full swing, even here in China.

In Shanghai we don’t usually see the Christmas decorations until about 1 month before December 25th. Just enough time to enjoy and not get tired of the carols and blinking lights. The Chinese do not celebrate Christmas, but over the past four years here more and more western Christmas decorations have emerged on the scene. This past Monday the local hotel was setting up their beautiful tree made of glass crystals. Friday night was the tree lighting with carols and crowds. Everyone squeezed in for the big moment with cameras, phones and iPads all at the ready waiting for the big moment. I waited until the crowds left to snap a photo of the deserted tree sparkling and shining bright.

Oh Christmas Tree -waiting to be brought to life

Oh Christmas Tree – waiting to be brought to life

Bright dazzling Christmas Tree lights

Bright dazzling Christmas Tree lights

Even the nutcrakers came for the tree lighting

Even the nutcracker came for the tree lighting

Last spring I started to post on the theme Tourist in Your Town to show things around where I live here in Shanghai, China and back home in Ontario, Canada. Then I asked you to post on something to share from where you live. A quick holiday to another part of the world without all the hassle of travel 😉  It has become a monthly theme and I try to post it the first weekend of each new month. Have you guessed this month’s theme yet? It is HOLIDAYS. With Word Press reaching so many people around the world it would be interesting to see examples of how you and your town celebrate the holidays. Maybe you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or Kwanza… whatever the holiday post an example to show holidays where you live. Post the busy mall, tacky decorations, a parade or a town display.

The rules 😉 …

  • post a picture of this month’s theme: HOLIDAYS
  • link to my post Holidays: Tourist in Your Own Town
  • add a link to your post in the comment section below (so others can find you too 😉 )
  • add the tag TOURIST IN YOUR OWN TOWN to your post
  • use TOURIST IN YOUR OWN TOWN in the title of your post
  • have fun clicking examples of the holidays

No hurry… a new theme won’t be posted until January.

Stay tuned….

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

I was home in Canada for two weeks, so all of my recent photos are all about Canada. When I saw the theme Illumination I wasn’t sure I would post until I was looking at my trip home and saw photos of the falls lit up at night. Each night the falls are illuminated in colour. As we drove by I snapped a shot, but it just happened to be white at the time. It was also Festival of Lights and along the Niagara Parkway many light displays and trees are decked out in festive colours and lights. It is always a nice drive day or night with something to see. It seemed extra Christmasy with the lights and snow. Enjoy the short slide show of a few illuminated views.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out Word Press for more examples of this week’s theme or to join in the fun.

Stay tuned for more…




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