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Weekly Photo Challenges :Signs & Wrong

This week Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack has set the challenge of Signs. Word Press has the theme Wrong… could be something that is obviously wrong, or something you need to examine more closely to find what isn’t just right. I think the photos I have included could fit both categories so I will combine the challenges this week.

Living in China you quickly notice how not everything translates well. When trying to explain something it can be difficult at times since not every word has a literal translation in both languages. There are books with stories and pictures of such errors. It has been dubbed “Chinglish” (Chines-English). I have seen some good ones, but for whatever reason didn’t capture them on film. Today I decided to go out and try to get a few photos and I happened upon a few good examples. I also snapped a few regular signs of familiar places.

; The water is ankle deep… I don’t think it is possible to paddle anything.

Speeling? or should it be spelling? Not even close to mean climbing!

The above two were taken in my compound near the large open courtyard that has ponds, rocks and  trees. Many people meet here, dance and kids play. I am guessing the signs mean stay out of the water no climbing, since it is such a draw to kids. Either way they did not translate well. I did look up speeling in case I was missing something. Imagines my surprise when I discovered it is a real word! According to the web site it is defined as: An action word used to describe the time late at night when your mind fails to function properly, and various stupid and inane things become hilarious. Now that makes sense… since so many things like this sends me into a fit of giggles, but would even more when over tired 😉

Typical Street Sign

Road signs are similar to home, but these can be found at most major intersections. It shows the approaching intersection (street name in hexagon) and next street at each intersection to right, left and straight ahead beside the corresponding arrow. Pretty clever.

The Golden Arches

Pizza Hut




















If you want to see more examples be sure to check out Ailsa’s site and Word Press. If you are interested you can also join in the fun and show how you interpret the themes. What examples can you share?

Glad to be back after 2-3 weeks missing most challenges since I was away. Stay tuned for more… I hope to get in a post on Cuba before heading to work on Monday… ug yes work already. Where did the time go? All I know it was WAY too fast…

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