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Fleeting Moments: Weekly Photo Challenge

Everyday there are fleeting moments that pass us by and sometimes we are lucky enough to capture them on film. Living in Shanghai for the past 3 years there are many fleeting moments and seeing is believing. How many times have I only wished I had a camera with me, or had time to turn it on and capture the fleeting moment that just went past. I have been lucky to capture a few and here they are.

Last year a very beautiful small butterfly fluttered across our balcony. I had time to capture just one shot before it was gone again.


It always amazes me how much stuff they can balance on bikes and 3 wheel electric style trikes. They stack furniture, recyclable plastics, unwanted items, styrofoam pieces, wood all at odd angles and balanced precariously as they pedal it off. Once a large pile went passed and the fellow’s wife was nestled on the top of a pile that must have been 10 feet high off the ground. We only saw it once and I always wished I caught it on film. Last year I caught sight of a similar situation again, not as high, but just as impressive and funny to see. By the time I got the camera ready this is what I captured. After all it was a fleeting moment.


Look carefully for the lady on the top. You can just see her head and hat.

My last pic happened last year while driving to school. I have a small electric bike and I drive it the same way and the same time each day. This particular day a team of a bike riding club was across the street as I waited to cross the intersection. The group was so large that I ended up in the middle of it. I wanted to get a photo, but stopping was not an option since so many of the riders were ahead and behind me. I assumed they would stay on the main road, but they turned down the same road I take to school. I was able to safely stop in a driveway, get out the camera and take this photo as I was a part of the team for a fleeting moment. I have never seen this group again, so it was truly a fleeting moment.


“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” — Ferris Bueller

What fleeting moments do you have on film? Share them at Word Press, or add the link below in the comment section.

Stay tuned… I have more time this weekend, so I have another photo challenge to post. I haven’t posted anything extra the last few weeks, so I have something in the works 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Well without any explanation the new challenge was posted and the theme is blue…

Blue at first thought means sadness and loneliness… then I looked around my wardrobe and home and saw most of the things that I own that are BLUE… My wedding colours included a turquoise BLUE,  most of my clothes are BLUE and I prefer writing in blue ink. All this BLUE doesn’t make me sad, so time to readjust my thinking and think BLUE…

In China the city maintenance trucks are blue and the city workers all wear blue… I see it every day, but that is not my favourite or first thought of things blue; they didn’t quite fit my image either. Further reflection (hee hee link to the unofficial challenge from Ailsa at Where is my Backpack?) I thought about why I like BLUE so much.

Living in Shanghai for almost 2 years now I realized maybe why I tend to steer towards BLUE colours… I miss BLUE 😦 ‘What are you talking about?’ you may wonder… well I miss the BLUE sky. It seems to be cloudy, smoggy or dull and drab so rarely do we see BLUE sky. The sun is a little orange disk that you can stare into and when you take a photo it is so faint it barely shows up, only visible to the naked eye. I miss the BLUE sky, fluffy clouds and bright sunshine that I used to take for granted.

I also love a beach holiday with sun, sand, and surf… the turquoise blue waters…. so soothing for the soul.

So here is a collection of photos in a slide show to represent  BLUE… I guess I am feeling a little BLUE after all 😦 but these pictures show my fav BLUES…

One shows the amazing skyline taken from the World Financial Tower with no blue sky 😦 but the view is amazing.

Another is bright blue Christmas lights from last year (2010) at Thumb Plaza near our house in PuDong. With little clear sky and so much light pollution stars are also rare if not impossible to see. These lights made me think about driving up North or in the country back home and seeing so many stars that the night sky just glistens…

And the ultimate blue… at the beach on a picture perfect day in Cuba 2008.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Stay Tuned… so many ideas of what to post about next…

As always play nice and please ask before using or reproducing any images or text 🙂

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