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Lotus in Bloom

If you just stopped by and saw my weekly photo challenge post on Focus you would have spotted the lotus blossoms. I thought I should show you some more of the beautiful blooms.


Lotus with seed pod in background

Last weekend my co-teacher, her husband and daughter brought us to Guyi Gardens in Shanghai, which was hosting the lotus exhibition until the end of August. Each summer lotus bloom all over China for about 2 months. Their season is just starting to come to an end. I have only seen lotus once while I have been here. Hangzhou has enormous blooms. We saw them as we drove around West Lake, but didn’t have the opportunity to get out and see them up close.


Here we wandered the park at leisure and I was able to snap a lot of photos. Unfortunately they grow in ponds, so you can’t always get up too close. Luckily I had a good zoom on the camera and could get in tight for a few shots. Many people with large tripods could be spotted throughout the park. The day was really hot, humid with a lot cloud cover. I can only imagine how brilliant the colours would have been in the sunshine.

The lotus pond

The lotus pond

There were numerous ponds with lotus and others with lily pads. We spotted a few teeny tiny frogs and two bright red dragon flies. A small river twisted through the park and you could take a small boat to tour around. Instead we went to a little tea house that was in the centre of the garden where we had a quick break. I had a refreshing watermelon juice and we all snacked on dumplings. The cost of admission was a low 10 RMB per person (about $1.50) and family tickets were also available.

lilly pads

lily pads

The colours ranged from pale pinks, to ivory-white and bright sunny yellow centres. I didn’t notice if the lotus had a fragrance, but they were just so beautiful and they looked like there was a light coming from within. Lotus root is also eaten and as I said in an earlier post I have tried it in a sweet mooncake and as a side dish with a sweet sticky sauce. Both taste delicious.

Stay tuned next week for more…

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Focus: Weekly Photo Challenge

This week the theme is focus set over at Word Press. The idea is to show 2 similar shots with the background blurred in one and then sharp in the next. I decided to share a few shots I took last weekend when we went to a garden in Shanghai to look at the lotus flowers. I took numerous shots and here are just a few to share. Unfortunately I didn’t have 2 exactly the same.

Lotus bloom in focus and buds are blurred in the background.

Lotus bloom in focus and buds are blurred in the background.

The lotus are almost done for the season. Most were a pale pink, but as below some also come in white.

The pink bloom is in focus in the background and the white bloom is blurry in the foreground.

The pink bloom is in focus in the background and the white bloom is blurry in the foreground.

The lotus is a beautiful flower that grows in ponds all over China. They are quite large and their leaves massive. The roots can also be eaten. I have tried lotus root in moon cakes and as a side dish which was cooked in a sweet sticky sauce. YUM!

This is my submission for the Word Press theme Focus. Head over to see more examples or find out how to post your own.

Stay tuned…


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