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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunch

I have started to take photos of food and my husband always comments that it is weird. Well lucky me I had some great shots for this week’s challenge 😉 And hey taking pictures of something that looks strange, or a work of art is a great memory frozen in time. Besides sometimes seeing is believing!

Last year I had one of those very moments. My co-teacher and her husband took me and my husband out for the day. We went to lunch in a place that was over flowing with diners. Service was fast and the noise level high which added all to the Chinese experience. We would never brave an establishment like this on our own since we speak little Chinese and how would we order… or worse what would we get??? Pointing a pictures may end up in some strange dishes and things you would rather not know they cook and serve, let alone eat.  After a brief conversation about what meats we liked they took to ordering. This is what appeared on our table.

Duck Tongue Delicacy

A real foul  delicacy 😉

We had some duck, chicken and pork. See the funny looking ‘meat’ in the front. The ‘sticky’ looking things. Try to guess what it is before reading on. It is not something I would ever think of eating, nor cooking. Give up??? Clue… it is poultry…. and a part of the animal. What did you guess? Put your guesses below in the comment section. I can’t wait to hear your suggestions. Anyway it is duck tongue! Yes duck tongue. She swears it is delicious, but I had to take her word on it. Even John who can be more adventurous, and not the same picky eater that I am, refused to try it. As they were eating the tangled mess it would be sticking out of their mouth and reminded me more of some bizarre insect with legs everywhere. I’ll stick to the chicken thank you.

Another bizarre food which is a Canadian speciality never really struck me as weird until talking about it to a fellow (American) teacher. They described it as a heart attack waiting to happen. I think it is delicious. Canada isn’t known for its cuisine. When people ask what foods is Canada  known for they come up with Canadian Bacon and Maple Syrup. someone even suggested the other day we eat maple syrup on everything! Really! I’ve known them 3 years and I don’t think I’ve eaten anything with syrup on it in front of them. Anyway the other food I am trying to share is poutine (poo-teen). It is a French Canadian dish and yes loaded with calories, but the savory and salty mix is lovely. I must admit I never tried it until a few years ago and thought WOW what I have been missing! I am not one to like gravy on my fries, so I avoided it. One day something tempted me to try it and I was hooked.

Salty Savory Poutine

Salty Savory Poutine

It has to be done right too, or it is not good. They have to be fresh cut fries and best if the skin is still on the ‘taters. Then a good beef gravy, NOT canned. Some people use shredded mozzarella cheese and that is just WRONG. It needs to be the big chunky, salty cheese curds that Quebec is known for. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

What is the strangest thing you have seen for lunch?

What food is your country known for?

To see more examples or join in the challenge go to Word Press here, or just add a comment below and stay tuned 🙂

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