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Abstract Answer

Thank you all for the guesses as to what my abstract picture was. I had guesses from hurdles from above, to I have no idea! Most of you got it correct, so well done on having a keen eye.



Abstract -sign less

This of course was staples… those industrial kind. A sign board along a Toronto street was bare with only staples left behind. It was one of those boards where you could post ads, posters about events, or even garage sales… The random pattern caught my eye and I couldn’t resist the photo.

Thanks again for all the guesses.

Stay tuned…


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Abstract: WP Photo Challenge

Walking the streets of Toronto I spotted something unique, different and unusual. It just caught my eye. I snapped this pic and how appropriate for this week’s theme Abstract set by Word Press.



What do you think it is? Post your ideas in the comments below.

Stay tuned…

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Monochromatic -Photo Challenge

Mono meaning one… one colour. The idea is not to highlight one colour, but focus on just one. Can a photo look good with only 1 colour? Word Press challenged us to show off our monochromatic images, so you be the judge.

Searching through some photos from the last year I came across these.

Green Light

Green Light

Here is something green and the variety from the colour comes from the light. Can you tell what it is?

Purple Rain

Purple Rain

The shades of purple here come from the light and shadow too, but also the sparkle from the rain drops.

Heart 2 O

H20 Heart 2 O

I found this piece of bark and noticed the heart. I placed it in a shallow fountain and snapped this pic. I like the simplicity, but the textures, reflections and patterns still make it interesting.

Pussy Willow Tails

Pussy Willow Tails paw

Willow is monochromatic gray and this close up of her little paw shows the light pinkish tones in her fur.

Since I have had more time I have been taking to twitter. It takes me less time to upload a quick pic or thought, so I have been posting more there. This week while on a walk I saw 3 deer, check twitter for the pic. Check out my feed to the right and click on the links to see more.

Stay tuned here or there 🙂

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Macro Shots: Photo Challenge

In this day and age I don’t know how I managed, but for 4 years I had a crappy phone where no one could hear me unless I shouted. Texting wasn’t much better since things didn’t line up and although I pressed this a letter a letter from the opposite side would often appear. For just over a year I gave up and the cheap terrible China iPhone became an expensive alarm clock. That is what happens when you are new to town… they prey on the stupid. I managed for as long as I could with this phone, so I guess I got what I paid for and finally gotsome of  my money’s worth by using it as long as  I did.

The last trip to Hong Kong ended up to be in search of a new phone. We knew if we went to a proper shop we would get an authentic phone, good quality and better price in Hong Kong than China. Electronics are often cheaper there. I was partial to iPhone since it seems everyone has one. Over the last 6 months Samsung has started to take the lead here. So I did some research and asked people who had both pros and cons.

My husband preferred the Samsung and I could go either way, so we decided on Samsung. A selling feature for me was better photo quality and cheaper price tag. In Hong Kong we went to the large mall at Times Square and found the Samsung store. I wanted a good phone, light and easy to carry. Then there was the Samsung zoom, which is more camera than phone. It was on sale… I was sold. For the price of 1 iPhone we got 2 phones. One for me and 1 for hubby. When I have a chance I should do a post about this great purchase, but today’s purpose it a photo challenge, so I best get to it 😉

The great thing about this phone is the amazing quality of macro shots. I was impressed.

Spring Rain

Spring Rain

And here is another…


raindrop close up

raindrop close up

Check out more great macro shots over at Bastet’s Pixleventures.

Stay tuned…. new Tourist in Your Town challenge should be up later this weekend.



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