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Fadoodle Faces #6

Depending on how you look at this you can see 2 different faces. One looks like a cat with whiskers, which is what drew me into it.

Fadoodle Feline or Masculine Face?

Fadoodle Feline or Masculine Face?


This is a theme I started a few weeks back called Fadoodle Faces, meaning nonsense or foolish. Check them out here:

If you have a cool face and want to share, link to it and tell us about it in the comment section below. In your post please give me a ping back to this post (or a previous fadoodle faces) so we can all share and easily find them. Can we see what you see?

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Fadoodle Faces #5

Continuing on with my silly theme of faces in nature here is another. This face is a little harder to spot… Can you see it?

Long Face

Long Face

I challenged you to tell me what Fadoodle means and thanks to Quiall and my Aunt Freda for their guesses. Faces in a doodle was Quiall’s guess and Faces on Food was my Aunt Freda’s definition. Drum roll please…. fadoodle means nonsense, ridiculous or foolish. I thought it was fitting since the faces in my photos are in nature or food. How silly is that? Faces are not meant to be there!

Check out my other fadoodle faces in the previous posts:

If you have a cool face and want to share, link to it and tell us about it in the comment section below. In your post please give me a ping back to this post (or a previous fadoodle faces) so we can all share and easily find them. Can we see what you see?


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Grid -Photo Challenge

This week’s challenge asks for a photo framed in a grid like fashion. As WP says we often use the invisible grid, or lines within the viewfinder, to frame photos into the ‘rule of thirds’. The photos in this week’s challenge will show the grid.

My first pic was framed in the Lake Agnes Tea House, a little wooden cabin, at the top of the trail from Lake Louise. A rainy hike had a little surprise rainbow. I snapped the view from inside the cabin looking over the valley with Lake Louise below.

Room with a Rainbow View

Room with a Rainbow View

As I searched for the above picture I came across this one, which I didn’t think about when considering the theme. It doesn’t have the clean sharp lines, but the interesting shape and view I decided to include it. The unique tube like bridge made me feel I was inside a fish or a snake. We went for a walk along the Bow River in Calgary through the parks. In various places bridges crisscross the river making both sides accessible for walking and biking.

Inside Looking Out

Inside Looking Out

Stay tuned…

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Fadoodle Faces #3

More funny faces in nature, pareidolia. As I was looking through the archives I found this little face in the woodpile. An old tree had to be cut down because it became dangerous. The interesting patterns in the wood and how the pieces were randomly placed provided a little face looking back at us. Certainly made me do a double take.

Grinning ear to ear or should I say limb to limb?

Grinning ear to ear or should I say limb to limb?

Want to see more faces check out my other posts:

Have a face you want to share like Patchwork Ponderings did? Provide a link in the comments below and link back to this or another one of the Fadoodle Faces post so we can all share. Can we see what you see?

So what is Fadoodle? Add your ideas below in the comments. Stay tuned for the definition.

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Fadoodle Faces #2

The image that inspired my idea to post the faces I found in nature (known as pareidolia —para-dole-ee-ah). Although I don’t think this one occurred naturally. 😉

Along the hiking trail from Lake Louise to Lake Agnes. A very HAPPY place.

Along the hiking trail from Lake Louise to Lake Agnes. A very HAPPY place.

Check out my other posts on faces in case you missed them.


If you have a cool pic and want to share link to it and tell us about it in the comment section below. In your post please give me a ping back to this post (or the previous one fadoodle faces) so we can all share and easily find them. Can we see what you see?


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Fadoodle Faces

While out hiking recently I spotted a little face on a log, then in a rock. Before I knew it I had close to 10 images of faces in nature. Looking for a good title I discovered I am not alone. Social media even has a hash tag #iseefaces. As I researched it more I found there is a name for it pareidolia (para-dole-ee-ah). Pareidolia is the brain’s way we perceive a sound or image of patterns. Some believe we see these images because it is how we are hard-wired. Our brain tries to make sense of what we are looking at and the most familiar is to see faces. (David Robson

Then I remembered the first ‘face’ I saw while working in Shanghai. I was walking home and something caught my attention. I stopped to look closer and saw a little face looking back from me. The tangle of the branches and these white shell looking items made a little face. Can you see it?

A little face... what does it look like to you?

A little face… what does it look like to you?

And there is more. One of my most popular posts was ‘double take’ and it has a little face too.

Have you ever seen a face in nature? an object? food? Tell us about it below, or better yet provide a link to your post for us to check it out. Please link back to this post Fadoodle Faces for everyone to check out the pareidolia. Can we see what you see?

Over the next few weeks I will post more faces, pareidolia. Stay tuned…


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Half & Half -WP photo challenge

Driving a few hours north of Toronto, to fetch our luggage a co-worker so helpfully brought back for us, I couldn’t help to stop and capture this photo with blue sky and yellow fields. Not a tall building in site… The other HALF or opposite in comparison with the Shanghai skyline I usually view; correction have viewed.

This week WP asked us to show half and half. Horizontally half this photo is sky and fields and vertically tree and field/sky. Half is blue and the other half yellow.

Half and Half -blue and yellow; sky and field

Half and Half -blue and yellow; sky and field

Stay tuned…

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HOME -Tourist in Your Own Town

Returning home to Canada for the summer holidays got me thinking about all the things that make HOME special. As it turns out it is all the little things that I miss and started to get excited about especially after 11 months away. Family and Friends are of course top of the list, but what else did I look forward to?

Double Double :)

Double Double 🙂



1. Food –especially Tim Hortons Coffee. As I walked through the arrivals hall I could see the long line and smell the coffee in the departures section below. Hmmm deep breath. It was too late in the day to savour a cup, but first thing tomorrow morning.




2. Blue Sky with Fluffy Clouds and Sunsets – sounds silly, but when the majority of your days are the same dull gray it is something to get excited about. A few weeks before I came home I saw a picture of blue sky and clouds and I caught my breath. I knew that sky; a distant memory. It was something I started to look forward to. Every day there is blue sky and colourful sunsets. I take a moment like little Frederick in Leo Lioni’s book to soak it all in.

Wide open spaces, blue sky and fluffy clouds.

Wide open spaces, blue sky and fluffy clouds.

3. Wild Life – Living in a large city you are not going to see anything other than birds and maybe dogs out for a walk. Living in a small town and heading to my brother’s place out in the country we experienced more than pets and birds in the last 4 days. Just today we saw a squirrel scamper across the back yard and a bunny munching on clover. Luckily I caught a glimpse of 2 very shy deer across a farmer’s field, at the edge of the forest, nibbling away on seeds or fresh shoots sprouting this year’s crop.

Field of Dreams?

Field of Dreams?

4. Fresh Air, Water and Green Grass – deep breath in… with the poorest levels of pollution, since we arrived in Shanghai, this past year it is nice to go out and not worry about checking the Air Quality Index. It has become part of my daily routine, as much as I check the weather. Levels this past year hovered around 150 with a few days less than 80. The worst was a 4-5 day stretch with the pollution levels getting close to 475, or higher. When day looks greenish and inside is hazy, you just know it is bad. To compare the worst I saw Toronto was 10 and people get excited about that. The World Health Organization state anything over 20 is poor. Then there is the water. A young passenger on the plane was quite surprised when I told him it was OK to drink the water from the tap. Oh the little things we take for granted.

Soft grass to run bare foot in. My feet on Canadian soil.

Soft grass to run bare foot in. My feet on Canadian soil.

5. People and Speaking – Coming home I can speak and be understood. I don’t need to worry if others will understand me. It is a little stress that I never really thought about, but it is there. Trying so hard to say something I practiced, but can’t get the tone quiet right or the difficult zzz and dzz sounds. It then becomes a frustration on both sides. A few times we have been thrown out of cabs because they cannot understand us. At home people are friendly, take a minute to talk and say excuse me, or move out of your way rather than be preoccupied by a smart phone and bump into you instead of taking a step around you. Just last night we were at Wal-Mart and the line was getting longer, but everyone waited patiently as we chatted to the cashier, a lovely woman nearing 75 years of age. Even though it was busy she took the time to chat and enjoy the conversation. That is what I miss most… friendly conversation. Tuesday we were in a Canada Day Parade for the Shriners. People called out “Happy Canada Day” and tears sprang to my eyes. I was home and all the little things I missed for the past year were right here to be enjoyed. Oh Canada, how I miss thee.

Just Clowning Around at the Parade.  My Point of View from our float.

Just Clowning Around at the Parade.
My Point of View from our float.

What makes your country or HOME special? What would you miss most if you moved away? Maybe it is your favourite restaurant, or park? Maybe it is a cool tourist attraction, or site to see? No matter what it may be share it in a post during the month of July and be sure to link back to this blog. Place your link in the comment section below so others can find you too. This theme will run for July and come back early August for a new theme (usually the first weekend of the month). We are in the height of Festivals and Gatherings, last month’s theme, so if you have anything to share of an event you attended or one about to happen let us know. Maybe someone travelling to your neck of the woods would like to check it out.

Looking forward to seeing you. Stay tuned… summer is just beginning.


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Playing With Pictures

I want to take the perfect photo. I have been trying for years to perfect my skills. I have learned about lighting, angles, framing to get the shot. A lot comes down to talent and sometimes just getting to be in the right place at the right time. That said I prefer not to play with my photos editing colour and the like. I rarely even crop my shots, as that is something I try to solve when I take the photo. This week Bastet has asked us to play with pictures and use an app or other program to showcase our work. So here is my attempt at something new and different.

I have used Picasa to adjust these photos of a thistle I took 2 summers ago. I also did the same thing as an experiment with some flowers in winter. You can see that post here.

What do you usually do to enhance your photos? What do you think of my attempts?

This weekend I am heading back home for the summer holiday. Hard to believe the last day of school, with the kids, was today. I may not respond as quick as usual, but soon as I get back on-line and back on the right time zone I;ll be back!


Stay tuned…


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Macro Shots: Photo Challenge

In this day and age I don’t know how I managed, but for 4 years I had a crappy phone where no one could hear me unless I shouted. Texting wasn’t much better since things didn’t line up and although I pressed this a letter a letter from the opposite side would often appear. For just over a year I gave up and the cheap terrible China iPhone became an expensive alarm clock. That is what happens when you are new to town… they prey on the stupid. I managed for as long as I could with this phone, so I guess I got what I paid for and finally gotsome of  my money’s worth by using it as long as  I did.

The last trip to Hong Kong ended up to be in search of a new phone. We knew if we went to a proper shop we would get an authentic phone, good quality and better price in Hong Kong than China. Electronics are often cheaper there. I was partial to iPhone since it seems everyone has one. Over the last 6 months Samsung has started to take the lead here. So I did some research and asked people who had both pros and cons.

My husband preferred the Samsung and I could go either way, so we decided on Samsung. A selling feature for me was better photo quality and cheaper price tag. In Hong Kong we went to the large mall at Times Square and found the Samsung store. I wanted a good phone, light and easy to carry. Then there was the Samsung zoom, which is more camera than phone. It was on sale… I was sold. For the price of 1 iPhone we got 2 phones. One for me and 1 for hubby. When I have a chance I should do a post about this great purchase, but today’s purpose it a photo challenge, so I best get to it 😉

The great thing about this phone is the amazing quality of macro shots. I was impressed.

Spring Rain

Spring Rain

And here is another…


raindrop close up

raindrop close up

Check out more great macro shots over at Bastet’s Pixleventures.

Stay tuned…. new Tourist in Your Town challenge should be up later this weekend.



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