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People: Pixelventures Photo Challenge

This week’s theme over at Bastet’s Pixelventures is PEOPLE. I have snapped some interesting pics of people here in Shanghai and when travelling around Asia. The hard part was narrowing it down to the most interesting and ones you hadn’t seen before. One of my favourite pictures of PEOPLE was posted here for Juxtaposition & Surprise back in January.

Monks at Angkor Wat

Monks at Angkor Wat

This first picture was taken on our trip to Cambodia. Inside the Angkor Wat complex you will often see Monks dressed in the bright orange. I decided to post this one because they were just like the rest of us tourists smiling at the photo they had just taken with their camera. It also shows a variety of other tourists who come from all over the world to see the Angkor Wat complex.

Picnic in the Park

Picnic in the Park


I have posted similar pics of this before, but this one is clearer and up close. When local Chinese go to a park they often take small tents to provide cover and shade. Sometimes the grass will be covered with tents and blankets. With so many living in apartments warm spring weekends often draw out everyone and they descend on the local parks.


Little Red Riding Hood is that you?

Little Red Riding Hood is that you?


OK I really am stumped with this one. A few times I have seen younger Shanghainese walking around dressed up like in costume. I am not sure if this is part of the Japanese phenomenon of dressing like animated characters or something else. Last spring we went to Shanghai Botanical Gardens and we ran into the lone girl dressed like Little Red Riding Hood basket and all. We did a double take and said   什么 (Shénme  – WHAT???)



These last 2 are typical sites as the older way of moving things still lives on. Small electric trike bikes or bikes with a trailer are often piled high with recycled material, small animals in crates, large bottles of water or other things to be sold. The first bike is either someone moving items, or old broken and unwanted items being collected. The second one has a pile of wood with the wife along for the ride. When we first arrived some of these piles would be well over 5 feet high. Now the police crack down on these unsafe heights.

These are my example of people. Check out Bastet’s Pixelventures for more examples.

Hit the OLDER POST button to see some examples of Letters and PEOPLE from yesterday’s post.

Stay Tuned…

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Tourist in Your Own Town: Parks

It was suggested to make the theme more user friendly I should post it on a regular basis. With a full time job teaching there is little free time, so weekly would be difficult. I decided to try monthly. Each new month I will post a theme for Tourist in Your Own Town. You can then post your own photos about where you live fitting that theme, so we can all learn a little bit more about each other and where we come from.

This month I was thinking about Parks since I went to the small park to see the lotus flowers a few weeks ago. My friend and fellow blogger Lavendar Ladi and I often think alike and she posted about a park before I got this post completed! Great minds… and when you have been friends as long as we have…. well that is just scary sometimes 😉

Here are a few PARK photos from Shanghai….

These parks are in Shanghai. Most parks here are wide open green spaces because most people live in apartments. There are flower gardens and paths for bikes that you can rent too. One funny thing I noticed are the tents! Not for camping, but relaxing and staying out of the sun 🙂

The rules….

  • Post something at a/about park where you live and use the tag Tourist in Your Own Town
  •  add the link to your post in the comment section below
  • link your post back to this post, so we can share about our wonderful neighbourhoods

Stay tuned….

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