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Favourite Romantic Work of Art: Photo Challenges Combined

Favourite Romantic Works of Art… 3 photo challenges all rolled into one.

Favourite -show your Favourite thing from where you live (food, place, thing to do…) for Tourist in Your Own Town, which is a monthly challenge hosted by me. 🙂

Romantic -Bastet’s Pixelventures has asked us to show the softer side.

Work of Art – from Word Press. A work of art can be a masterpiece, something your children have made for you, something in nature, or Michelle’s example of gastric delights almost too pretty to eat.


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20140418_120035One of Shanghai’s favourite landmarks to shoot must be the unusual Pearl Tower. How romantic to stroll along the Bund at night and look at al the twinkling lights. It certainly is a masterpiece of unique design inspired by pearls, which are often harvested in China’s waters.

Dali’s melting clock, according to the plaque, is the second one in the world on display. Who would have thought it would be in Shanghai? It is one of my favourite works of art. I was delighted to happen upon this as we strolled along Nanjing Road. For some reason this masterpiece feels romantic for me. Maybe because the first time I saw it I was in the romantic city of Florence, Italy.

Be sure to show or tell about your favourite,  romantic, or work of art in the comments below. Can you roll all 3 into a post too?


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Looking up: Shanghai Skyline

Bastet’s Pixelventures is talking about looking UP this week. Well to continue on with my info on the Pearl Tower from my ROUND theme for the monthly Tourist in Your Own Town challenge I thought I would show you what the tower looks like from the outside. The tower is certainly interesting and quite large. Although the newer buildings are slowly dwarfing this unusual landmark it still stands out from views across the river along the Bund. Its colour and shape are truly unique.

When our visitors came a few weeks back we brought them up the tower for views of the Shanghai Skyline. Before we went inside I captured these views looking UP at this cool architectural design.

The Pearl Tower -Shanghai, China

The Pearl Tower -Shanghai, China


From the entrace looking UP at the Pearl Tower

From the entrance looking UP at the Pearl Tower

Be sure to check out Bastest to see more pics and interpretations of the weekly theme. To find out more about the Pearl Tower and see views looking down click here to read my post from earlier today.

Stay tuned….


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Round: Tourist in Your Own Town

Recently we went up the Pearl Tower here in Shanghai. It is an interesting building that has pink coloured glass and round ball shapes. Certainly not your traditional straight lines and rectangular shaped building. Word has it that the name came from the round balls, similar to pearls. It was the tallest building in Shanghai at the start of the building boom. The Pearl Tower was completed in 1994.

One of the upper decks has a glass floor where you can view the streets below. Looking through my photos I loved the circular shape.  I loved looking down at the round pedestrian walkway and round about. I thought that would be a cool idea for this month’s Tourist in Your Town photo challenge – ROUND.

Looking down at the (g)round.

Looking down at the (g)round.


Around and Around they go

Now you don’t need to go to a tall building to get your shot. Just look (a)round you and show us something in your backyard, from your street or skyline. It can be round in shape, or hey maybe it could even be something that has been (a)round a long time. Get creative!

How to join in:

  • take a photo or search your files for something that fits the theme round
  • use Round and Tourist in Your Own Town in the tags and title of your post
  • link back to this post, so others may join
  • add a link to your post in the comments below, so others can find you
  • have fun… this challenge is up a bit early and lasts the month of April before a new theme will be posted

Be sure to check out my post from earlier today for WP theme street scenes.

Stay Tuned…

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