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Farewell Pixelventures

Farewell for Now

It is with sadness that I write this post as it may be the last one for the weekly Pixelventures Photo Challenge. It is one of the photo challenges I participate in faithfully and very few have I missed. Bastet has encouraged me and spread the word of CTB over the last year by providing links to my humble musings as well as did a “Close Up” interview of me last summer. I will be forever grateful for the additional readers she sent my way. Not only that, but she has helped me grow as a blogger by challenging me into taking better photos and writing poetry, something I rarely did. Again kind words have praised my efforts and pushed me beyond my comfort zone to try something new. I wish her well as she gets some much-needed rest, and ‘me’ time to mend her health and well-being.

For the final challenge she has decided to celebrate and ask us what we should bring to the Farewell. I let my imagination soar. What could I bring if I could bring anything? I decided big, beautiful, bright blue sky with fluffy clouds to accent the sky; the perfect weather and scenery for any party. After all nobody likes to rain on a parade and I imagine the perfect party would be outside.

Blue Sky From Above

Blue Sky From Above

I thought it would also be fitting to share a photo from one of the first Pixelventures challenges I participated in just over a year ago.

Never say good-bye
but see you later,
or see you soon
doesn’t make it easier
but gives us hope
to be reunited with friends
and to be together again

– CTB 😀 July 2014

So let this not be a sad farewell, but a see you later and hope to see you again soon.

Stay tuned…

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Wind: Pixelventures

Wind is one of the main elements associated with earth. It is also the theme for this week’s photo challenge set by Bastet over at WDBWP.

As she says wind is hard to capture and up on the 14th floor of a high-rise we don’t always see the effects that wind have since we are so high above the trees. We were hoping for a good wind this week to blow away all the bad air and pollution that has blanketed much of China over the last few weeks. It slowly sank down to Shanghai this past week and as a result we had 2 days of indoor recess. Levels over 200 on the 2.5 scale (the yucky dangerous particles smaller than dust that can get into the body and cause troubles) call for indoor play and cranked up air purifiers. My eyes watered and nose tingled while the air had a smokey acrid smell. My throat itched and I coughed, while even the cat had watery eyes and she is always inside. It was an air you could taste.

Here are 2 views from our balcony of sunrise. One was taken in September when levels were well under 100 (probably around 40-60). The second is a similar view into the same vantage point taken this past Thursday when levels were about 214. Can you see the haze? Shouldn’t air be clear? It creates a spooky feeling and sucks away all the colour and depth perception as my eyes strain to look into the distance. It has become a part of my daily routine to check the weather and pollution levels when I wake up. At least we were not as bad off as Northern cities who had levels skyrocket into the 400-500 range. Schools were closed and people were told to stay home. Car accidents happened more frequently that week due to poor visibility. Even the CBC had articles and pictures posted on their website of the haze that swallowed China.

The other picture shows wind and a different kind of storm. It was taken back in Canada last February during a snow storm. Winds howled, snow fell and kiddies got to stay home from school. This is the kind of day to snuggle up with some hot cocoa and a good book, but I couldn’t resist going out into it to snap some pics since it was 3 years since I had seen ‘real snow’. The cold wind whipped my face and the snow make my cheeks burn as the little icy pellets bombarded me, but it was worth the effort to enjoy an experience I hadn’t had since living abroad in China.

Snow, Cold and Wind

Snow, Cold and Wind

Be sure to head over the Bastet’s page and see more examples and learn more about the earthy elements.

Stay tuned…

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