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Weekly Image of Life: My Dream Day

Oh my dream day… I could make a list of ideals! I guess it would have to depend on my mood, energy level and what has been going on previously. Sometimes it can be as simple as just having the feeling of accomplishment and doing everything you set out to do that day and then having some time left over to relax. Island Traveller has asked this question for this week’s  photo challenge.

So in no particular order here is my Top 10 list of Perfect Days…

Sun, Surf & Sand – Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba

1. I love to have a quiet day where I can sit on the balcony and enjoy a coffee and feel the cool comfortable breezes… Nothing to rush and do, just pure leisure.

2. Spending time with friends and family. Playing with my nephews and listening to them and their funny take on life.

3. Spending the day on the beach. Listening to the waves and feeling the sun warm my skin.

4. Hanging out with my husband. With a busy work schedule it is good to hang out, go out for coffee or even do the daily mundane chores together.

5. Read… I used to enjoy spending a rainy day reading a good book cuddled up on the couch. I also love to browse book stores; old or new… in search of another great read.

6. Plan a vacation… the anticipation and excitement of going somewhere new.

7. Exploring a new place or city… I love to travel and being exhausted from traipsing around is worth it to make every minute count and see and do all you can in a place you may never get to see again.

8. Watch a good movie… just a mindless task to totally relax.

9. Go to the spa… it is an affordable luxury here and to feel pampered is nice something to do for yourself sometimes. Although I really miss my visits to the spa with my friend back home. Once or twice a year we would splurge and go together. It was our gifts to each other.

10. Watch a beautiful sunrise or sunset… need I say more?

What is your ideal day?

Check out Island Traveler’s page to see more or join in the challenge.

Stay tuned for more…

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Weekly Image of Life: Dreams & Freedom

Living in a communist country I sometimes forget that we have so many freedoms in the West. For one the internet is blocked and without special accommodations Facebook, YouTube and blogs are inaccessible. The media monitors what is seen or known. I once said ” we don’t live in Kansas anymore Toto” when an event reminded me of the lack of freedoms or highlighted the frustrations that sometimes arise. Things are different, not bad, just not the same. In day-to-day life I don’t notice these subtle changes or restrictions. Additionally as an expat I am pretty lucky and live freely. Do I miss all these little freedoms? Obviously not. Now I would miss not being able to blog, but most other things I hardly notice. I guess I also know at some point I will be home, so with patience I can have those things again, but then the adventure will be lost.

So what are my dreams or freedoms? The one thing on my mind right now is the freedom of time… no watch, schedule or expectations to meet deadlines and rush from here to there and get this done as the to do list grows longer. I can sleep late, stay up later and just hang out. Things get done when they get done. No preplanning and being totally free to be spontaneous. I am enjoying catching up with people and blog, reading or just watching TV. During the school year I would have an eye on the clock and not totally relax knowing there is so much to do. This for me, and many other teachers is the dream of summer holidays and freedom to do nothing. Teachers work hard and very long hours for 10 months of the year. Many people underestimate what a teacher does… they see the time off and think it is an easy job. That is not my intention here and I don’t want to spark a debate, so back to the point… Now the question is how do I show an image of summer dreams, quiet, relaxation and freedom to do what I want all day without scheduling….?

Off into the Sunset

How about this shot? Off into the sunset and a winding road that can lead to endless possibilities. What do you think?

Thanks to the Weekly Image of Life Photo Challenge  from Island Traveller over at This Man’s Journey. Check it out to see more examples of dreams and freedoms or to join in and post your own.

Stay tuned….

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