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Road Trip: Heading North

In my last post I told you about the change of events. How we ended doing a 180 and moved north instead of south. Yukon was traded in for Cayman Islands. Staying in Canada was more ideal than enjoying endless summer, but we might change our minds come winter 😉

After a rush packing our things in Ontario we flew back to Calgary and drove from there. Our things were in a moving van and it could take 3-4 weeks to arrive! Our things would crisscross across Canada picking up and dropping off other big movers. We would not have more than what we could fit into a suitcase, so it was easier to buy a bed and other necessities and drive them up until our other items could arrive. I couldn’t imagine sleeping on a floor for a few weeks.

The drive from Calgary wound across the foothills and mountains between Alberta and British Columbia. The scenery was stunning and we lucked out seeing wildlife along the way. Most people might catch a glimpse of one animal if they are lucky, but we saw Canada’s finest. We saw bears munching clover, uncaring that we drove by and a quick dash across the road of a mommy and baby moose. We also saw mountain goats, porcupine, deer, lynx and elk. The most amazing was the large bison who take over the road for a long stretch of highway close to the Yukon border.

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Willow was great for the 25 hour drive, which we spread over 2.5 days. She was quite surprised by the animals. She shivered at the sight of them. Once we arrived in the Yukon we made a fast trip to unload our things at our new house then drove the Whitehorse for my week of training.

Willow the traveling cat

Willow the traveling cat

Stay tuned as I fill you in on my of our new adventures. School life is not as busy as Shanghai, but with our new adventure comes more jobs and less free time.  I don’t have a chance to post weekly, or check daily, but I will get on-line whenever I have a chance.

Road less traveled... a new adventure awaits.

Road less traveled… a new adventure awaits.

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Forces of Canadian Nature -Photo Challenge

I was lucky enough to escape the big city and head to Canada for a few days in search of a job. My contract is about to end and we have decided it is time to head home. Instead of heading back to Ontario we headed to Western Canada where the skies are so blue and mountains so big.

The snow-covered peaks are a force of Canadian nature.

Snow covered peaks year round

Snow covered peaks year round – just off the Trans Canada HWY

From Mt. Norquay the view back over Banff was stunning. More mountains in the distance, fragrant green pines and big horn sheep quietly grazing and enjoying the sun.


breath taking views and vistas

breath taking views and vistas


When people think of Canada they often think of nature. What image of Canada do you have?

Head over to WP and see other places around the world and what other bloggers feel shows their homes force of nature.

Stay tuned

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Water :Photo Challenge

I have been invited to join another photo challenge by my fellow bloggers Bastet. Check them out here to find more about their photo challenges. They have set a theme WATER for this week. Water can take many forms and here is my example… a photo taken on my recent trip from China. This year I connected through Vancouver, Canada and flew over the Rocky Mountains. Somewhere between Alberta and British Columbia I saw many forms of water… clouds, rivers, snow and ice. Here is my take on ‘forms of water’ from above.

Rocky Mountains - a view from above

Rocky Mountains – a view from above


Stay tuned…

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Travel Theme: Magnificent Mountains

In Canada we have many types of mountains… Growing up the Niagara Escarpment was ‘the mountain’ to me. It was steep and big especailly when you were little. People in my small town referred to it as the ‘mountain’. You either lived on the mountain, in town, or by the lake.Comparitively it is an anthill when you look at Canada’s other mountain ranges.

Part of the Niagara Escarpment. Photo Credit:

           Part of the Niagara Escarpment.                Photo Credit:

Each summer we went out East to visit family and drove along the Cabot Trail, part of the Appalachian Mountains. They were much bigger than our mountain. The twists and turns along a steep windy road was scary due to the stories from family and many a close call of accidents and near misses. The endless view from the rolling hills of the ocean where it meets the blue sky is worth the trip.

The Winding Roads along the steep cliffs of "Smokey".Photo Credit:

The Winding Roads along the steep cliffs of “Smokey”.
Photo Credit:

We are also home to the Rocky Mountains to our West. My first trip West was in 2004. The mountains and fresh pine air was amazing. Banff and Lake Louise, divine. I returned in 2007 and we did a small road trip through the Rockies along the Alberta and British Columbia border. It was late April and into early May. To my surprise I awoke to a fluffy snowfall and was amazed to see snow when at home it was 15 degrees warmer. In the foothills it was warmer and as we drove higher we had snow, lower rain. On the East of the Rockies we had snow and rain, but when we crossed over onto the West side we had clear skies and sunshine. Due to their size the Rockies affect the weather 🙂

Thanks to Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack for this week’s theme.

Stay tuned….

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