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Tourist in Your Own Town: Parks

It was suggested to make the theme more user friendly I should post it on a regular basis. With a full time job teaching there is little free time, so weekly would be difficult. I decided to try monthly. Each new month I will post a theme for Tourist in Your Own Town. You can then post your own photos about where you live fitting that theme, so we can all learn a little bit more about each other and where we come from.

This month I was thinking about Parks since I went to the small park to see the lotus flowers a few weeks ago. My friend and fellow blogger Lavendar Ladi and I often think alike and she posted about a park before I got this post completed! Great minds… and when you have been friends as long as we have…. well that is just scary sometimes 😉

Here are a few PARK photos from Shanghai….

These parks are in Shanghai. Most parks here are wide open green spaces because most people live in apartments. There are flower gardens and paths for bikes that you can rent too. One funny thing I noticed are the tents! Not for camping, but relaxing and staying out of the sun 🙂

The rules….

  • Post something at a/about park where you live and use the tag Tourist in Your Own Town
  •  add the link to your post in the comment section below
  • link your post back to this post, so we can share about our wonderful neighbourhoods

Stay tuned….

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