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Eerie Hallowe’en Like: Weekly Photo Challenges

I have posted this photo before, but it was the first idea that popped into my head when I saw the photo themes this week.

The Peace Tower at Night

The Peace Tower at Night

This photo was taken in Ottawa, Ontario of our nation’s Parliament Buildings. I find it eerie in sepia and due to the angle. Normally the building is shot with blue skies and as a wide shoot taking it all in.

Parliment Buildings

Parliament Buildings

Although come to think of it this sky looks a little eerie. Shortly after this was taken a heavy rain and thunderstorm passed through.

This is my response to 2 different photo challenges this week. WDBP wanted something Hallowe’en inspired; something that gave you the chills and looked a little spooky. Maybe this would remind you of Hallowe’en? The other is WordPress and the theme was eerie. Be sure to check them out to get all the detail and learn more about what they are looking for.

Stay Tuned…

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Travel Theme: Spooky

Hallowe’en is such a fun time of year and the planning of costumes, getting yummy treats and candies for free, being anything you want, if only for a night, brings joy to children and adults alike. Back home we would often go to a Hallowe’en party, even as adults. Working with kids and seeing their very cool costumes and imaginations come to life was just as exciting for me as it was for them. Even China is starting to get in on this fun holiday and the local shops have decorations and costumes for sale. Some compounds, where many expats live, host parties and trick or treating for the kids. Even the local Kerry Parkside Complex got in on the action holding adult dress up parties and events for the kids. A large haunted castle even sprung up a few weeks back. Did I mention I love Hallowe’en?

Haunted Castle at Kerry Parkside, Shanghai

The school where I work does not celebrate Hallowe’en so there will be no parties or dressing up. 😦 I miss it.

Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack has lifted my Hallowe’en spirits with her weekly challenge… SPOOKY.

I haven’t had the opportunity to take many photos of spooky things and to be honest I do NOT like scary movies or scary things, just the dressing up bit. I sifted the archives and I came up with a few pics. One is more gross than spooky, but I would not like to find this in my house. It is a giant slug like thing that we saw in Cuba this summer. It was crossing the path near the garden and pool. It was bigger than any slug I’ve seen before. Remembering this thing I would say it was as long as my middle finger and almost as wide as 2 fingers. YUCKY!

Scary Looking Slug


The next is a lightening shot. I loved watching lightening storms when we lived in Welland. Our apartment was near the old canal and the living room had floor to ceiling windows on 2 sides… great view for storm watching. Lightening isn’t spooky for everyone, but it always makes an appearance in scary movies… a typical symbol of spooky.

Lightening Storm Flash

Check out Ailsa’s page for more examples or to post your own.

Stay tuned… another photo challenge to come.

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