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Summer: Tourist in Your Town

It has been about 1 year since I first posted the Tourist in Your Own Town series. I started it as a random challenge whenever something struck my fancy. A fellow blogger suggested I do it at a regular interval to increase results and participants. It then became a monthly challenge. After a few more challenges with only a few participants I considered stopping the challenges. After lots of comments and encouragement from the blogging world to keep going I decided to give it more time, but still I have had less than positive results. Good intentions are appreciated, but it makes me think my idea is just not something that interests enough readers.

Summer Rain

Summer Rain

The first few challenges had a few regular followers join in and I made a few new friends a long the way with new bloggers stopping by. Since those first months fewer and fewer people have joined and I am lucky to have had one or two bloggers join in. July was the worst results with no one until just recently Chava61 found my blog and did a great post.

A portable beaver tail truck! Just for you Bastet!

A portable beaver tail truck! Just for you Bastet!

With mixed feelings I have decided to retire the monthly challenge. A challenge needs work, time and leg work getting out there to tempt you all with great ideas and dropping by to nudge, hint and persuade you to participate. With a busy work schedule where I work 10-14 hours a day and 4-8 hours on weekends I cannot devote the time to a blog and photo challenge that I would like. So August will be the final challenge. For the final prompt I would like to tempt you with images of summer. Maybe it was a picnic in the park, trip to the cottage, a beautiful sunset or garden. No matter show something summery where you live. Link back here and use Tourist in Your Town in the title and as a tag.   Rainbow20140705_080227

Fun at the pool

Fun at the pool

Funny that I wrote this before last week’s “summer lovin” theme set by word press, but since I am doing a scheduled post because I will be travelling half-way round the world on the usual posting date. Why not send us a link to that post? Thanks to all my followers and participants over the past year. Stay tuned… not for more challenges, but more adventures in Shanghai and around Asia as we enter our final year.   Sunset20140705_085609

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Dusky Hues

Here is my response to Bastet’s Pixleventures prompt DUSK.


A cold wintry night in December 2012 left beautiful colours as the sun was dipping below the horizon.

Dusky Pastels

Dusky Pastels


Conversely, the warm gentle breezes in August painted the sky with soft, pale colours in Port Dalhousie, Ontario.

Pale Dusky Summer Hues

Pale Dusky Summer Hues

Check out the link above to see more examples. You may also want to see my post from earlier today on our recent quick trip to Hong Kong.

Stay tuned…


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You Scream I Scream…

…we all scream for gelato ??? Doesn’t have the same ring does it? If you have ever traveled to Europe you will know that gelato is WAY better than ice cream. It is cool, refreshing and it usually comes in tangy fruit flavours. I have been drooling lately as a few bloggers have mentioned eating gelato in Europe. I am so jealous… until I found my own little shop within walking distance!

Living in Canada can be just as good as travelling the world at times since so many different nationalities make up our country. Within a short block radius you can often find a variety of cuisines stretching from Greek, Italian, Chinese and Vietnamese. Head to larger cities and your variety and choices increase exponentially.  Toronto even hosts many little towns within its metropolis with Little Italy, Greek Town and China Town to name just a few.

Smaller towns sometimes surprise you with little hidden gems. Since returning to Canada for the summer we are staying at my brother’s. I went out walking to explore and happened upon a little gelato place. The next night we returned money in hand to try out the yummy treat. The place was quiet and looked new, but the near empty tubs showed business had been good. It was tastefully decorated and a large display case housed a variety of (16) flavours. The hardest part was which one to try first? Prices on the wall indicated small, medium and large and regular or premium. Two small cups set us back nearly $7 (must have had the premium 😉 ), but were worth it for the homemade natural goodness.


I tried raspberry and John mango, both delicious and very fruity. According to their Facebook page there are different flavours that we didn’t see, so they must mix things up on occasion. Looking through the Facebook page again I see that they have 237 different flavours to tantalize the pallet. Yum! Flavours include hazelnut, coconut, banana, pistachio and a variety of chocolate kinds. That will keep us coming back for more; definitely a place we will see again. If you are in Fonthill be sure to keep an eye out for Gelato Village. What flavour do you want to try?


What is your favourite summer treat?

Stay tuned… lots to write about and time to do it 😉

ps thanks Jo for asking what the difference between ice cream and gelato was… after looking it up on a few websites I found that gelato has less fat 3-5% less than ice cream. Additionally it is whipped less, so not as hard, or as much air as ice cream. Plus it is served warmer than ice cream. All these coat the mouth differently and gives it a different flavour. Another note I found gelato was used to cleanse the pallet between courses. Interesting… learn some thing new everyday. 😉

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Weekly Image of Life: Summertime Blast

For me summer is already over and we have plunged right into work and getting ready for the new year. The last few meetings will soon take place, the finishing touches and materials will be readied for the students and the eager children will arrive early Wednesday morning  for a new school year.

My summer time blast was nothing big and brilliant, but slow and steady. After a very busy and stressful year I took a few weeks to sleep in and just sit quietly on the porch. We had a few visits with friends and family, which weren’t enough or a chance to connect with everyone we wanted. A trip to Cuba also filled our days with more relaxing a chance to escape emails and routines. Time went too fast and now just a memory. How I wish I was still at home or lounging on a beach chair as the pressures of everyday come flooding back all at once.

View from my Beach Chair in Cuba

Instead of a computer and a mountain of paper work I wish this was my view 🙂

Visit Island Traveller to see more images of summer or to join in the challenge.

Check out my posts I also wrote this weekend. One on Cuba and the other Sunsets (another photo challenge).

Stay tuned for more…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Movement

Capturing movement on film is impossible since it is a single image frozen in time. Too much movement and then blur happens and things won’t focus resulting in a poor quality picture. Adding stabilizers in cameras help eliminate some of our movements to get a better picture, so how do we show movement?

Yesterday I tried to capture some movement shots as I spent the day with my family at a BBQ. Here is one of my nephew jumping in the pool. See the splash and the movement of his body under the water.


Then on the drive home I tried to get the blur and light trails from cars on the highway. This turned out kind of cool as we drove on an overpass and I took a shot of the highway below us.

Light Signatures

Then there is the mighty Niagara Falls, just down the road from here… hear her roar and feel the thundering vibration as the water twists, turns and spills over the edge of the escarpment. Feel the mist that envelops you as you get closer. All the movement tantalizes your senses and gives you an amazing experience. You want more? Then get on the Maid of the Mist for a worm’s eye view up at the hight and majesty that is Niagara Falls. The boat moves closer to the spray and waterfall as your heart pounds and you are in awe of her power and movement. She is not only pretty to look at since she supplies a lot of electric power to help give movement to our electronic devices that would sit still and black without her power.

Maid of the Mist

How do others interpret this week’s challenge of movement? Look here for more, or to post your own.

Stay tuned for more…


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