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Time Temptation

With a view like this doesn’t it tempt you to jump on the next plane and say forget work… ? The beach is a place where time stands still. I don’t need a watch or worry about where to be. I can just soak up the sun, swim  in the sea and revel and relax.


I wish I could go back in time and enjoy the sunny carefree days when we were in the Philippines just a month ago. As we enter our busy season at work I long for more time

This is my response to Where’s My Backback theme Temptation and Baset’s Pixleventures Time. Click on their links to see more.

Stay tuned…

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Weekly Photo Challenges x2 Future & Time

Future…. Time…. this week’s themes from Word Press and Where’s My Back Pack?  Word Press has been encouraging us to use our phones to take photos, but my crap Chinese Fake Fone takes poor quality pics, so I am cheating and looking through my images saved on my USBs.

Word Press is looking for Future Tense… a photo that shows something about to happen… and Ailsa’s is Time. I’ve included 2 photos and my interpretation of the theme is as follows…

Vietnam…. Yes the vehicles are moving forward and going somewhere… in the near future. The country is also changing and moving forward as more industry, money and change propel it forward through time. It is a changing nation that is growing from its third world status into something new and more prosperous.

Vietnam Traffic

Vietnam Traffic

My watch… The Chinese Characters show the time… and uncertain future of what will happen tomorrow. Time passes so quickly and is something we always wish we had more of. Where we will be in the future is sometimes hard to see or know.

Time Passes so Quickly

Time Passes so Quickly

Want to see more interpretations or join the challenges then please click on the links above.

One thing for certain… there will be more next time… so stay tuned



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