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Abstract Answer

Thank you all for the guesses as to what my abstract picture was. I had guesses from hurdles from above, to I have no idea! Most of you got it correct, so well done on having a keen eye.



Abstract -sign less

This of course was staples… those industrial kind. A sign board along a Toronto street was bare with only staples left behind. It was one of those boards where you could post ads, posters about events, or even garage sales… The random pattern caught my eye and I couldn’t resist the photo.

Thanks again for all the guesses.

Stay tuned…


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Abstract: WP Photo Challenge

Walking the streets of Toronto I spotted something unique, different and unusual. It just caught my eye. I snapped this pic and how appropriate for this week’s theme Abstract set by Word Press.



What do you think it is? Post your ideas in the comments below.

Stay tuned…

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Architecture: Weekly Travel Theme

In University my elective was ancient art and architecture where we studied Roman civilizations. I love ancient history and architecture. The interesting and unique details on each building draws you in. North America doesn’t compare with less history. However, the newer buildings in North America with their sharp lines and glass also offer unique perspectives as they reflect passing traffic, other buildings or the sky. Being home for summer vacation I captured these shots in Toronto, Ontario.

Part of the Toronto skyline... old, new and the CN Tower, which was once the tallest free standing stucture in the world.

Part of the Toronto skyline… old, new and the CN Tower, which was once the tallest free standing structure in the world.



Interesting design of glass and shape reflects nearby buildings.

Interesting design of glass and shape reflects nearby buildings.

This is my response to the Travel Theme Photo Challenge set over at Where’s My Backpack. If you want to participate or see more excellent examples be sure to follow the link.

Be sure to stay tuned… I have a few more posts to catch up on.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: URBAN

This week’s photo challenge is urban. I come from a small town and living in Shanghai is the ultimate URBAN. One thing you will always find in the skyline here is a building crane.

Shanghai  – View  Towards the Pearl Tower from our Apartment

More Building in Shanghai

I was really surprised to see the amount of building going on at home this summer in Toronto… it isn’t home to as many people as Shanghai is, but there is a lot of growth.

Toronto Skyline from the Gardiner Expressway

Building along the Gardiner Expressway – Toronto

Urban to me means growth… things have changed so much since I was growing up. Actually things have changed a lot just since last summer.

Check out Word Press to join in to the photo challenge or see more examples.

Stay tuned…

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