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Fadoodle Faces #3

More funny faces in nature, pareidolia. As I was looking through the archives I found this little face in the woodpile. An old tree had to be cut down because it became dangerous. The interesting patterns in the wood and how the pieces were randomly placed provided a little face looking back at us. Certainly made me do a double take.

Grinning ear to ear or should I say limb to limb?

Grinning ear to ear or should I say limb to limb?

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Have a face you want to share like Patchwork Ponderings did? Provide a link in the comments below and link back to this or another one of the Fadoodle Faces post so we can all share. Can we see what you see?

So what is Fadoodle? Add your ideas below in the comments. Stay tuned for the definition.

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Comfort Maple: Tourist in My Own Town

As my time home winds down I wanted to post on The Comfort Maple which is thought to be the oldest living tree in Canada. It is believed this tree is about 530 years old! She is a sugar maple, which is famous for the sticky sweet  sap used to make maple syrup.

Last year you may remember my post on the shoe tree in Niagara and my Aunt suggested writing about the Comfort Maple. I had hoped to post about her for the photo challenge old set by ‘We Drink Because We are Poets’, but didn’t have a chance to get out there until after I posted. A few weeks ago we went in search of this tree and snapped a few photos.

The Comfort Maple is located in Pelham, Ontario. Not far from Fonthill and St. Catharines. Located off Highway 20, a main road that crossed the top of the Niagara Escarpment.

We drove down a small country road and then came to a sign pointing us to the tree. We went down a little side road and came to a large grassy area with the lone tree in the centre. Surrounding the tree is farmers fields. It is peaceful, quiet with only the sound of birds singing merrily in the background. A few benches allow you to sit and drink it all in, how soothing .

The Comfort Maple

The Comfort Maple

Let me tell you she is big! I tried to wrap my arms around her and as you could see I wasn’t successful. I was surprised to see some areas have been bricked up and wires holding her together. Age and time is taking their toll, but someone has decided to hold her together, so we may enjoy her and her great history a little longer.

Tree Hugger

Tree Huger

Up close and sparkling personality

Up close and sparkling personality

This is part of Tourist in My Own Town. If you wish to share something unique and old about where you live tell us about it in the comment box below, or even better add the link so we can check it out 🙂

Stay tuned…

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