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Looking up: Shanghai Skyline

Bastet’s Pixelventures is talking about looking UP this week. Well to continue on with my info on the Pearl Tower from my ROUND theme for the monthly Tourist in Your Own Town challenge I thought I would show you what the tower looks like from the outside. The tower is certainly interesting and quite large. Although the newer buildings are slowly dwarfing this unusual landmark it still stands out from views across the river along the Bund. Its colour and shape are truly unique.

When our visitors came a few weeks back we brought them up the tower for views of the Shanghai Skyline. Before we went inside I captured these views looking UP at this cool architectural design.

The Pearl Tower -Shanghai, China

The Pearl Tower -Shanghai, China


From the entrace looking UP at the Pearl Tower

From the entrance looking UP at the Pearl Tower

Be sure to check out Bastest to see more pics and interpretations of the weekly theme. To find out more about the Pearl Tower and see views looking down click here to read my post from earlier today.

Stay tuned….


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Weekly Photo Challenge: UP (side down)

Instead of using a picture looking UP I thought I would use this one which gives a view of things UPside down.

When we were in Seoul, South Korea (October 2012) a gentleman took this out of a case and was taking photos. I snapped a few also, through his crystal ball, and found the results really cool. What do you think?

Point of View

Point of View

Visit word press to see more examples of pictures for the theme UP or to get more information and post your own. It is as easy as clicking the link here.

Stay tuned… I have another photo challenge to do and as promised another post on our recent trip to Beijing.

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Weekly Travel Theme: UP

This week’s travel theme is UP. I love the animated film UP! It is such a cool story and imaginations soar 🙂 When I was in Australia I saved my pennies to take a hot air balloon ride over Uluru, AKA as Ayres Rock. Unfortunately it rained the few days I was there, so I didn’t get to do that. Another time. This past week I saw photos of hot air balloons over the exotic landscapes in Turkey. I dream of going UP and experiencing things from a new perspective.

As I continue to dream of hot air balloon rides I found another picture from a different perspective of the Pearl Tower here in Shanghai. It was a rainy day last June and I went down to Lujiazui to the Apple Store. When I came out I looked UP and saw the Pearl Tower from a different point of view.

Looking up at the Pearl Tower

Looking up at the Pearl Tower

Raised Walkway and Pearl Tower on a Rainy Saturday. Get your umbrella UP!

Raised Walkway and Pearl Tower on a Rainy Saturday. Get your umbrella UP!

Check out Where’s My Backpack to join the weekly challenge or to find links to other examples.

What or who do you look UP to?

As always…. stay tuned 🙂



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