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Awards: New & Old

It has been some time since I have been nominated for an award and as I thought about it not soon after I was nominated by TVOR for the Versatile Blogger Award. I got it an early Monday morning as I was running off to work and meant to post and pay it forward that weekend. That was October! Oops. Well it was somewhat forgotten until today when Free But Fun nominated me for an ABC Award. Then the gasp of air came as I went oh no I STILL haven’t posted on the one from a few weeks back. After searching my comments sections I luckily found it with ease. With 185 pages or more of comments it could have turned into a needle in haystack moment.

I love getting awards and I am always honoured that someone has picked lil’ ole me for such things. The hard part comes next when you have to nominate others. Who should I pick? I hate to offend and miss someone or leave someone out.  I haven’t been a good blogger of late and reading and visiting as much as I would like. It seems work keeps getting busier and I barely have time to post let alone visit. My posts have also been bland and only photo challenges of late. With little time to explore the city and less time to post I have lost some of my creative flair and juices. Please forgive.  *Sigh* so here it goes… my nominations.

1. Patchwork Ponderings – a little of this and that. A true patchwork of wonderful photos, musings and inspiration

2. Free But Fun – a new blog that found me and nominated me for the ABC Award. She posts on things that are free but fun to do 🙂

3. Ninna – another blog that found me… I have seen some wonderful pictures on her blog.

4. Jennifer – Another expat Canadian living in Italy. She has a variety of things to show us in Sardinia including some awesome photos and travel information.

5. First and Fabulous – I always enjoy stopping by and checking out her cool photos for the photo challenges.

6. Practicing Simplicity – recently she has moved to Nepal and has shown us some great views and examples of life there.

7. Lucid Gypsy – great photos and some poetry too.

The rules ask for 8 and 15 nominations, but I feel putting a number on how many only adds to the pressure, so nominate as many as you wish. More or less -you decide.

For the Versatile Blogger Awards versatile-blogger

  • Display the Award on your Blog.
  • Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who nominated you.
  • Present 15 deserving Bloggers with the Award. (as above nominate as many as you wish)
  • Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Canadian Travel Bugs

1. I love photography and will spend most of my holiday taking hundreds of photos.

2. I wish I could come up with a grand idea and write children’s books for a living.

3. I have travelled more than anyone in my family combined!

4. I got 100% on a university exam!

5. We are going to Cambodia to see the temples of Angkor Watt this Christmas.

6. I have over 5000 emails in my work email (mainly because you never know when you may need to go back and use it for something… which I have many times).

7. I have been in China nearly 4 years and know little of the language, although I can read pinyin (English form of the language using the western alphabet). However, I don’t know what I am reading!

For the ABC Awardabc-award-175-jpeg

  • Add the ABC logo to your new blog post. 
  • ABC about yourself using one word or phrase.
  • Nominate however many blogs you wish.
  • Let the recipient know via a link in their comments. 
  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to this blog post.

I was nominated for the ABC award March 2012 and I like my Abc’s so I will post them again. I have changed and updated a few though…

My ABC’s:

A. Ancient Architecture & Australia
B. Brilliant Barcelona & Beijing
C. Crazy Canadians – Canadian Travel Bugs
D. Delicious Dumplings
E. Excited & Honoured to be Selected for ABC
F. Frequent Fireworks
G. Great Wall & Gelato
H. Hustle and Bustle of Hong Kong
I. Interesting Italy & I with iPad will travel
J. John, my husband
K. Kindle or not to Kindle?
L. Loves to Travel
M. Mayan Ruins in Mexico
N. Natural Niagara Falls
O. Outside Ontario
P. Phabulous Philippines – Coco Beach
Q. Quick & Quirky Wit
R. Ruins in Rome
S. Sassy & Sensational Shanghai – my new home
T. Teaching & Trailing Spouse
U. Unique travel experiences
V. Vivid & Vivacious Varadero, Cuba; Vibrant Vietnam
W. Wish to Travel More
X. Xi’an & (e)Xpat abroad
Z. Zany Zebras to see one day

Thanks again ladies for the nominations. Be sure to check out some of these blogs. I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Stay Tuned…

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Versatile Blogger Award

Wow another award! I again am flattered and honoured that people out there enjoy reading my ramblings 😉 Thanks again to Jennifer for the nomination. She is another fellow Canadian from our neck of the woods and living abroad. Check out her blog too…. My Sardinian Life.

Versatile Blogger Award

Now down to business…

The Rules:

  •  Thank the person who gave you the award.
  •  Include a link to their blog in your award post.
  •  Nominate 15 bloggers/blogs for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  •  Leave a link on their blog informing them of their new award.
  •  Tell 7 things about yourself.

Thanks again to Jennifer at My Sardinian Life for the nomination.

7 Things About Me

This is going to be hard since so many friends and family read the blog, so I will try my best to tell you something new.

1. I have signed on for another 2 years in China (with the option to complete only 1 year and leave). China was never on my list of places to visit, but I think I would miss it, so we’ll give it a go for another year or 2.

2. I am a pet lover and just had to put my cat of 15 years, Holly down 😦  She was almost 16 years old and made the trip to China with us almost 2 years ago. I miss her dearly… she took ill so suddenly and there was nothing they could do.

3. I have visited 23 countries some for a few hours (or stuck on a plane) but I was still there right? For the first time my passport was worth the $87.50 and it is almost full!

4. I have gone White Water Rafting – twice. The scariest thing I ever did in my life. Getting kicked out of the boat by my own brother and coming up with the raft over top of me was my worst fear realised. Thanks Jim I saved your but a few times and this is how you repay me? 😉

5. I used to be so painfully shy that speaking in front of my class caused me to burst into tears… despite that loved acting and would enter a drama/public speaking contest every year. I forced myself to face that fear and now I do it everyday for a living! Teaching that is.

6. I was in a movie as an extra when I was in highschool, but the movie never made it to theaters after a bad opening in Europe… I never got to see the finished product 😦

7. My claim to fame… I took a picture of my nephews on the General Lee (Duke’s of Hazard car) dressed up in the cowboy gear and when my brother met  John Schneider he stopped and did a double take and said he liked the picture… and it would make a good album cover! Maybe one day… but I won’t quit my day job just yet.


OK Now on for my nominations…

1. The Convergent Journey… a travel blog all about Europe

2. Life Sucks if You Let it … fellow teacher and friend who writes about her adventures and more here in China

3. 3rd Culture Kids … a blog about Expats and their life (and food) in Brazil

4. Wander Lust Gene… blog about travel, life and a love of pets

OK I am supposed to nominate 15, but these are the main ones I follow… so I will look for more and add them later.

Once this is posted as I promised I will write more on ou trip to Vietnam.

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