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Hong Kong: Highs and Lows

With every high there is a low… but in Hong Kong you will not be disappointed. The view from the Peak is amazing as you look out over the beautiful Victoria Harbour, tall magnificent buildings and surprisingly green rolling hills. The view from below along the water’s edge or on a boat on the harbour looking up is just as fantastic.

The Top


The tram up the steep incline is not too expensive costing about $75 Hong Kong Dollars ($10 CDN) per person. You can also hike the trails up. It was a hot sunny day so we opted for the tram. It is a part of the heritage of Hong Kong, so the ride and views up were well worth it. When we arrived the wait time said 2.5 hours from ‘here’ and we debated about staying. We decided to give it a try. The long queue moved quickly and before we knew it were arrived at the ticket booth and then the tram line. It took about an hour. 🙂

Once we arrived at the top our tickets included the look out platform. We took many escalators up (4-5 levels or so) and arrived back outside for a breath taking view. A free audio guide was offered. We decided to walk around and get the 360 degree view first. The entrance is a one time only to the viewing platform, but the girl asked if we needed to go to the bathroom in which we then could return. They marked our tickets to allow us re-entry. We went inside to grab some lunch, cool off and have a toilet break before returning outside. Surprisingly Bubba Gumps is at the top and one of the few restaurants with a view. We sat at the bar with a great vistas and splurged on an expensive lunch. They have you with few other options. We cooled off in the air-conditioning and enjoyed the view. It was finally a clear hot day and the best one so far in Hong Kong (after 1 drizzly day and 1 of heavier rain). John had Mac and Cheese with shrimp and I had a very yummy salad with raspberries, pear and strawberries. The TVs played none other Forest Gump.

After our break we decided to head back up and listen to the audio guide which pointed out places of interest within view and some history behind things. It also pointed out a few tourist spots to see. The day was getting late and we wanted to catch the laser show. This was our last chance to see it since tomorrow was the day we had to return back to Shanghai. Another long wait, so we decided to walk around and check out what the Peak had to offer. We hoped the queue would die down quickly and rather wait in line we should enjoy the view some more. We spotted lots of dragon flies and a few beautiful butterflies along the green hill-side. More shops and ice cream places were scattered around as well as a Burger King. It really was a like a small mall on top of Hong Kong. I guess this shouldn’t surprise me since Hong Kong is the place for shopping. 😉 Daylight was fading, so we decided we best get in the long lines. The wait was longer than the ride up, but eventually we made it down.

The Bottom


We took the metro straight for the water’s edge and claimed a space along the railing for a view of the laser show. We arrived about 1 hour early. Thank goodness we decided to get a place to see the show because space filled up quickly. It was October 1st, the Chinese National Holiday, so many other tourists had the same idea. After 2 rainy days this probably didn’t help thin the crowds either.

As we waited the light patterns and designs danced across the buildings and ferries went back and forth across the harbour. We even spotted the Chinese Junk boat from days gone bye. It now is a tourist attraction to takes people for views of the skyline. The laser show started at 8PM and the lights flashed and lasers pointed in unison to music. It was a bit cheesy, but kind of cool at the same time.

Hong Kong is a fantastic city with many things to see and do. Its design and layout is brilliant with a great and easy metro system. People are friendly and most speak English. It is a place we enjoyed and this was my second visit, but very different from the last. I can see myself coming back here again.

Stay tuned…. more on Hong Kong. I still want to post on the markets and Macau.

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Rain & Height: Weekly Photo Challenges

We just returned from Hong Kong and I hope to post about that shortly. To save time I am posting 2 photo challenges in 1 post. This time I cannot combine the challenges in 1 photo so I have posted them all below.

Bastet’s Pixelventures has encouraged us to look for the one of the main elements and photograph rain. As she states photographing rain is not easy. As I mentioned we just returned from Hong Kong. We were unlucky enough to have 2 days of rain for our 5 days away. Our day trip to Macau started out cloudy and later a light drizzle came and went. A few hours before our ferry ride was due to leave and go back to Hong Kong it started to rain harder. We went into a casino to try our luck, but to no avail. To match our mood it started to rain harder. Luckily across the street was the bus depot and our #3 bus pulled in just as we arrived. Just before we got on I snapped a few pictures and this is not the best photo, but best example of rain. You can see the woman with her make shift umbrella covering her from the sudden rain. If you look closely you can see the puddles forming and rain drops making them ripple. Of course there are rain drops on my lens too.

rainy days in Macau

rainy days in Macau

Next Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack has posted the theme height. What better examples of high are the towering skyscrapers of Hong Kong? According to Hong Kong Tourism at the Peak it has the highest concentration of skyscrapers of any place in the world. Here are some views from up top the Peak and another below along Victoria Harbour looking up at the Hong Kong skyline.

Stay tuned….

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