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Abstract Answer

Thank you all for the guesses as to what my abstract picture was. I had guesses from hurdles from above, to I have no idea! Most of you got it correct, so well done on having a keen eye.



Abstract -sign less

This of course was staples… those industrial kind. A sign board along a Toronto street was bare with only staples left behind. It was one of those boards where you could post ads, posters about events, or even garage sales… The random pattern caught my eye and I couldn’t resist the photo.

Thanks again for all the guesses.

Stay tuned…


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Grid -Photo Challenge

This week’s challenge asks for a photo framed in a grid like fashion. As WP says we often use the invisible grid, or lines within the viewfinder, to frame photos into the ‘rule of thirds’. The photos in this week’s challenge will show the grid.

My first pic was framed in the Lake Agnes Tea House, a little wooden cabin, at the top of the trail from Lake Louise. A rainy hike had a little surprise rainbow. I snapped the view from inside the cabin looking over the valley with Lake Louise below.

Room with a Rainbow View

Room with a Rainbow View

As I searched for the above picture I came across this one, which I didn’t think about when considering the theme. It doesn’t have the clean sharp lines, but the interesting shape and view I decided to include it. The unique tube like bridge made me feel I was inside a fish or a snake. We went for a walk along the Bow River in Calgary through the parks. In various places bridges crisscross the river making both sides accessible for walking and biking.

Inside Looking Out

Inside Looking Out

Stay tuned…

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Today was a Good Day -Photo Challenge

Today was not just a good day, but a great day! Since we drove out west to Calgary, Alberta we have been enjoying the scenery and fresh mountain air. On the weekends we have gone to Lake Louise, an hour and half drive from Calgary.  Lake Louise is known for its surreal blue green waters and snow capped mountain back drop. We have hiked up the trail starting at Lake Louise to Lake Agnes. It is a 3.4KM hike one way, up a trail surrounded by pine trees. The smell is heavenly and keeps you distracted as your muscles ache with the steep trail hike.

Half way up the trail is Mirror Lake. A small little still lake. At the top is Lake Agnes which falls over the edge creating a small water fall. The tea house is a welcome sight, after an hour and a half hike, to relax and take in the views before heading back down the trail. The tea house serves amazing teas, fresh homemade baked goods and soups. Today was a good day 🙂

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Sunday we went for a walk along the Bow River which winds its way through Calgary. The weather was perfect with a comfortable temperature and blue skies with a few clouds. You could see the mountains in the distance. Everyone seemed to be out walking, biking, boating and running. We enjoyed the leisurely stroll along the river bank and through a park. Another good day.

View of Calgary, Bow River and Mountains in the distance. A few days later the view was muted with wild fire smoke and visibility went from 25+KM down to less than 8KM.

View of Calgary, Bow River and Mountains in the distance. A few days later the view was muted with wild fire smoke and visibility went from 25+KM down to less than 8KM.

Unfortunately we went from clear skies and clean air to a poor air quality. Smoldering fires burning in the US Northwest have drifted many miles North blanketing Calgary and many other parts of Western Canada. There is a smoke so thick it has caused prompts to stay indoors and close windows. Monday the sky looked similar to the ones we experienced in Shanghai. Dreary gray that blocked out the sun rays. Tuesday you could smell the smoke and it irritated your eyes. The aqi went from 8 to 239, which happened to be much higher than the 59 reading in Shanghai. In Canada the scale is different; a 10 point scale. The TV news reported today that readings from yesterday came in at 17! Yes 7 points over the max. This is not normal for this area and reports are saying this is the worse the city has experienced.  So many people have lost their homes and have been evacuated. At least we know the cause and it will be short lived, rain is in the forecast. Hopefully that will get things back under control before more damage is done. I do not mean to whine about the poor air, as some people have experienced great loss. I only made the comparison to our life in China. Well wishes and positive thoughts go to all those involved in the areas affected by the fires.

Today things are improving and soon we will be back to blue skies and ready for more great days.

Stay tuned…

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Spring Fresh

This week’s theme for WP is FRESH. I could use some fresh air… living in a large city which has issues with pollution it is something we all wish for. The thick smoggy air blocks out the clouds and blue skies, something most of us would take for granted. Due to smog, rain and fog over the last 7 weeks we have seen full on bright sun only 4-6 days. The less than fresh air has lead to another cold and sinus infection. Down right depressing.

As the saying goes April showers bring May flowers, where in Shanghai it must be February and March showers. The beautiful magnolia tree, outside my building, started to bud just the other day. I thought about capturing its progress and here is the first shot.

March 12th first buds. Spring is finally coming!

March 12th first buds. Spring is finally coming!

…..  6 days later you can tell what colour they will be. We just need some sun and warmth.

March 18th they are opening! Not long now.

March 18th they are opening! Not long now.

Finally temperatures started to rise and become seasonal. We have also had a longer winter and over the last 4-6 weeks below average temperatures. However, change is in the air. One day this past week we even peaked at 18c a few degrees  above normal. Finally! Look what it did!

March 20th after 2 warm days they have started to open, but today is a bit chilly. Happy to stay closed a little longer.

March 20th after 2 warm days they have started to open, but today is a bit chilly. Happy to stay closed a little longer.

Then today a glorious day with subtle sunshine, but 17c and I captured this. Full bloom. Fresh flowers and sunny days give me energy and lift my spirits. I am suddenly feeling re’freshed’ and have a ‘spring’ in my step.

March 22.... we did it.

March 22…. we did it.

What makes you feel energised?

Stay tuned….


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Reward -WP Photo Challenge

If you could have anything as a reward what would it be? Word Press asked us to show reward this week. The trick is showing a reward in a photo. Sure working out, a good grade, or accomplishing a difficult task is a great reward for hard work. My greatest reward, if I could have anything, is…. travel. A quiet beach with waves soothing and relaxing me, a new city to explore or a culture and different food to experience is such a reward for me.

Hong Kong -bright lights big city

Hong Kong – bright lights big city


A small section of the Great Wall.

A small section of the Great Wall.


Where's the Beach?

Where’s the Beach?

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Luckily after long waits or hidden areas within the large temple maze I was able to get some incredible shots I was hoping for.

Luckily after long waits or hidden areas within the large temple maze I was able to get some incredible shots I was hoping for. Angkor Wat, Cambodia


What a view!

What a view! – Philippines

I have been very lucky to travel to so many places and reward myself 🙂 My reward is looking at all the stamps in my passport and photos I have taken. Enjoy sharing my reward.

How do you reward yourself?


Stay tuned…


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Chinese Symmetry -WP Photo Challenge

When I take pictures I often follow the rule of thirds to make things more interesting. This causes difficultly when looking for pictures with symmetry. I took a rainy stroll around the block today and looked for things that created symmetry.

A street sign showing Chinese characters isn’t symmetrical, but some Chinese characters can be divided equally.

some Chinese characters are symmetrical

some Chinese characters are symmetrical

Wednesday is New Years Eve and Chinese lanterns and other decorations are popping up all around. The entrance to this shopping area was very symmetrical.

Chinese New Year decorations near City Shop and Yanlord Town

Chinese New Year decorations near City Shop and Yanlord Town

Expensive cars grace the streets in my neighbourhood and I noticed the grill of this high-end car to be symmetrical.

man made symmetry

man made symmetry

Look for what creates balance and symmetry in your neighbourhood. Find something? Post about on WP or tell us about in the comments below.

Stay tuned…


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Warmth – weekly photo challenge

This week’s theme is warmth. Many posts show people in warm places, or dreaming of warmer temperatures. Coming home to Canada I am wishing for snow. Crazy I know, but it has been a few years since I enjoyed the soft quietness and fluffy feather like snows that coat the land in a peaceful blanket that glitters in the sun.

Here is my Christmas gift; mittens in a soft suede to keep me warm on cold snowy days.


This photo was taken with my iPad.

Stay tuned….

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Feeling Frayed: Weekly Photo Challenge

A teacher’s worst nightmare came true this week with rain on the first day of school. Not just a light drizzle, but a heavy downpour that made the day dull and dark. Meeting a new class and having to spend all day with them indoors left me a little frazzled and frayed. Don’t get me wrong I love teaching, but when 7.5 hours straight is with 5 year olds all talking at once you can get a little tired and frayed around the edges.

Heavy rain storm - July 2014 Fonthill, ON

Heavy rain storm – July 2014 Fonthill, ON

It could be a result of my nerves getting a little frazzled with the weather. At home the last week of our holiday was filled with cooler temps and lots of heavy rain. When we returned to China the first week was typical with hot humid temps with sunny blue skies. That was short lived and unseasonable cool temps and heavy rains rolled in. We had 5 days of steady rain which, wears on your nerves and makes you a little frayed.

What has left you feeling frayed?

Check out Word Press and the photo challenge this week frayed.

With a new work schedule I have not been able to get onto WP as much as I would like, so I apologise if I do not respond quickly. Whenever I get a chance I will.

Stay tuned.



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Horizons and Silhouettes: Weekly Photo Challenge

Occasionally I take photos of my shadow, so I can be in it 😉 I am always the one behind the lens and that is often a way I can include myself. I think silhouettes and shadows are interesting especially with sunsets.

This week’s theme for Word Press is silhouette and I wanted to show off the Shanghai skyline and this attempt to be creative and different with the long tall grasses at home.

Shanghai Skyline Sunset -May 2014

Shanghai Skyline Sunset -May 2014


Where’s My Backpack is asking for horizons and this silhouetted skyline fits in perfectly. If you look carefully you can see the Shanghai Tower slowly getting taller as it nears its full height.


Check out the links to see more photos or to participate in the challenge.


  Stay tuned for more…

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Texture: Weekly Photo Challenge

Waking up early just as the sun was rising the grass and everything was covered in dew and a light mist. I was taking in the beauty of a quiet morning when something caught my eye.


I quickly snapped away at the 4 or 5 different spider webs trying hard to focus on the delicate threads and dew that clung to each strand. A few minutes later as the sun rose higher in the sky the magic was lost and the spider webs became invisible once more.


Check out word press and their weekly photo challenge for more examples or to post a link of your own texture post.

If you missed it, yesterday I posted a brief summary of travels over this past week at Tip Toe Travels and as always stay tuned…

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