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Willow Christmas Meme

Where have I been? What has kept me away for so long? I am not sure. How is it possible I worked full time at a very busy and demanding job and was sick and still found time to blog every week? What is my excuse? I am not sure where time goes. I find it melts away quickly when I am on the computer, so I sometimes avoid putting it on. I am missing Shanghai and the unusual sites, so maybe home is a little too vanilla 😉 to blog about. The daily grind is not as interesting here that is for sure. Besides being home I can easily call and text friends, which was a main reason I blogged. I could quickly communicate with everyone. That isn’t fair to my on line blog friends and followers though. I have taken to twitter also. It is quick and a different platform, so you can always see what I am up to there. From the blog on the right sidebar is my most recent tweets. I don’t think you need an account to view the links, so click away.

So to FINALLY get back to the funny picture of Willow at Christmas. (Better late than never???) I posted this pic and asked for some ideas of what Willow was saying. Thanks for all who sent along ideas. They are great. I just couldn’t decide on one, so I have posted most of them below. Which one do you like best? Thanks John, Quiall, Lucid Gypsy, Lavendar Ladi, Carrissa Hickling, Amy,  and Kate for sharing your ideas of What Willow is saying.

What is Willow saying here? Post your ideas below.

What is Willow saying ? Pick your favourite from the list below.

  1. You’re never gonna believe what I got you for Christmas. Go check the litter box!
  2. Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Buurrrppp!
  4. I hope you’re not planning to send my catnip to someone else?
  5. Why are there no lines on the paper? How do I cut a straight line?
  6. Back off and let me shred this pretty paper!
  7. What???? You didn’t get me a gift?
  8. You didn’t wrap it right!
  9. and a new one I just thought of….. “Eeeooowwwch! The tape is stuck to my fur!

Pick your favourite and post it in the link below.

If you want to see the original post click on the link


Take care and stay tuned. I promise it won’t take me as long to post next time!


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Elfie Selfie :)

The countdown is on… Santa has started his journey to some parts of the world already, while others may be waking soon to see what the jolly old elf has left under the tree. Here in Canada we are enjoying a cold day -15c!!! and a light snow. It is a Christmas scene right out of the movies.

If you were one of Santa’s Elves what would your name be? While walking through #SouthCenterMall in Calgary we spotted this sign to figure out what your elf name would be. It is quite simple… use the first letter of your name and month you were born.

We had a giggle figuring out names for our friends and family. Please post your Elf name in the comments below.

Make your Selfie  Elfie. What would your name be?

Make your Selfie Elfie. What would your name be?


I am Happy Monkey Buns.  John is Puddin Pointy Toes and we can’t leave out Willow (the cat). Her Elf name is Frisbee Toe Bells. I think Sandy Claws is more fitting. LOL

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2016.

Remember it is the season of love not presents or rushing from one place to the next. Take your time to enjoy the time spent with loved ones.


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Willow Wrapping Presents

Willow is having her first Winter and Christmas in Canada. She has seen snow for the first time. The first snowfall freaked her out at the big feathery flakes fell from the sky. The second snow she ventured out on the balcony to touch and sniff it. She even stepped into the snow that was 4-5cm deep.

She has also seen a Christmas tree for the first time. In China, we had a small decorative tree about 12 cm tall. This year we put up a 7 foot tree and I was sure she would attempt to climb it, or play with the decorations. Willow has taken it all in stride, a tree in the living room? Why not?

Helping wrap the gifts

Helping wrap the gifts

However, she was not so reserved when I was wrapping the presents. She had to ‘help’ by sitting and laying on the paper. Cats and paper… need I say more?

I love her face in the one shot and I am trying to think of a good caption. Any ideas what she could be saying? Add it in the comment below. I will pick my favourite(s) and post them next week.

What is Willow saying here? Post your ideas below.

What is Willow saying here? Post your ideas below.

Happy holidays.


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Road Trip -Going West

August 10th would have been the day I returned to work in Shanghai. Instead we traded in the 14 hour flight for a road trip across Canada. We left early afternoon (much later than we had hoped) and the 3 day road trip stretched into a fourth day. The car packed and ready to go we set out on a new adventure.

20150811_182650I documented the journey through the car window with a few stops along the way.

Willow came along for the ride too since we would be out here about 4-5 weeks. Poor thing crossed the world a month ago and was about to embark on a cross Canada road trip. She quickly settled in with a cat nap. We’re so lucky she is good in the car.

Willow enjoying the newest adventure

Willow enjoying the newest adventure

This is one bear hug I will avoid.

This is one bear hug I will avoid.

We hit pouring rain in Toronto shortly after we started out, which snarled traffic. Once past the city traffic eased. We made it to Northern Ontario, just outside of Sudbury, where we stopped for the night. Due to the possibility of deer and moose we stopped driving around dusk. The next morning we made good time and a side trip to get breakfast we encountered our first wild life sighting. We stopped to grab a quick pic from the safety of the car.

Later that day the rain followed us. It made for a cooler drive and wasn’t so heavy that it caused slippery roads or poor visibility. The scenery changed from cities and farms to more and more trees. Soon we were getting closer to Thunder Bay up around the Lake Head. Driving along the highway Lake Superior came into view through the trees and as we reached hill tops. Stunning. We stopped at a look out point and took it all in. Back in the car we continued on the longest leg of our journey. From the Niagara area to Thunder bay it is a 12-14 hour drive. We stopped for the night between Thunder Bay and Kenora, ON.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Winnie the Pooh, White River ON 'Where it all began'

Winnie the Pooh, White River ON ‘Where it all began’

Now into our third day of the road trip we were still in Ontario, definitely the longest stretch of our journey. We passed more trees, lakes and logging trucks. A few hours later we passed into Manitoba. The landscape started to change as it went from forests and lakes to more wheat fields, as we entered the prairie areas. We hit heavy rain as we approached Winnipeg, but quickly drove through it. Not long after we arrived in Saskatchewan. The rolling hills had made way for the traditional flat prairies filled with wheat. More construction slowed us down and we put up in Regina for the night.

Calgary was about 8 hours away, but we made a side trip to Rouleaux, AKA Dog River from the popular Canadian show “Corner Gas”. The show has been off the air for a few years, but last year they made Corner Gas the Movie. The small town, with a population around 500, still draws fans of the show. We stopped by the iconic Corner Gas and Ruby restaurant, the TV show set. We walked main street, saw the Dog River grain tower and filled up for gas. I was tempted to call the guy Brent, but thought that would be an old and tired joke by now. After a few pics John was anxious to get to Calgary and miss rush hour traffic.

Corner Gas and the Ruby in 'Dog River'

Corner Gas and the Ruby in ‘Dog River’

Dog River

Dog River

Icky view after the flurry of butterflies

Icky view after the flurry of butterflies

After the heavy rain the day before there were hundreds of white cabbage butterflies everywhere! It was a beautiful warm sunny day, but it looked like it was snowing. There were THAT many butterflies. A customer at the gas station in Rouleaux said they all came out after the heavy rain the day before. The butterflies continued for miles and miles. Once we reached Alberta there were less and finally just the normal random few.

It isn't snow or all those butterflies. It is salt maybe from an ancient sea.

It isn’t snow or all those butterflies. It is salt maybe from an ancient sea.

More views along the road… salt flats that are farmed for… salt.

The flat prairies made way for rolling hills as we got closer tot he Rocky Mountains. Lots of farms with beef cattle lined the highway. Wild Buffalo used to roam here… could it be?

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?

Willow continued to do well. Each night she fussed as we put her in the crate, but became curious once we got into the hotel. She would explore a bit then be fine. Each morning she would meow and check out everything in the car ensuring it was all in place. After her exploration and she was happy everything was in order she would stretch out and enjoy the view and nap. People passing us would spot her and point. One trucker even got out his phone and started to snap pics. She is a well-travelled cat!

Soon the city was in sight and we made it. It was the first time I had driven out west and great way to connect to my home country.


Downtown Calgary from the highway. City to the east and mountains to the west.

What a welcome back home to Canada…

Stay tuned…

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Blur -WP Photo Challenge

Blur… sometimes life moves so fast it is all a blur. If you try to capture it on film you lose focus. Last week we showed ephemeral (here and here); mine was lucky shots of a quick passing moment in focus. This week we are asked to show something in a blur. It could be purposely out of focus or accidentally out of focus with cool results. Usually I deleted such photos, but surprisingly I had a few tucked away.

Of course I had to show Willow. Many photos of her in a blur because she is always moving.

Willow in a blur

Willow in a blur


The next photo was an accident with the camera as it wouldn’t focus and was over exposed. Kinda cool effect of a busy alley way in Tianzifang.

Blur of Shanghai

soon Shanghai will only be a blur of memories


Lighted Pagoda

Lighted Pagoda

Last night we went out for dinner at this interesting restaurant. We go dropped off at the wrong location, but a happy accident since the view was great. As we waited for a ride to the correct location I snapped a few pictures of the lighted pagoda across this small lake. I purposely moved the camera to create blur and this cool effect.

Shanghai skyline

Shanghai skyline

The view of the Shanghai Skyline from our apartment is beautiful. I always pause and soak it all in because one day it will be a blur of memories. The clear sky with soft colours proved difficult to focus with the changing and flashing lights creating a blur.

Shanghai Totems of recycle piled high

Shanghai Totems of recycle piled high

Since we arrived 5 years ago we were stunned by the small motorised trikes piled high with things to be recycled. We always tried to get photos of them, but they move so quickly by the time you pull out a camera or smart phone they are gone. One night my husband spotted this one gaining on us as we sped by in a taxi. It is in such a blur that the bike and man is invisible. Something I am sure he would wish for in real life because the police have started to monitor these ‘totems’ and limit their height and movements.

I have kept some photos even though they are blurry because of the subject, memory or cool effect. What do you do with your blurry photos?

Stay tuned…




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Orange you glad… WP Photo Challenge

This week WP wants us to look at orange. They suggested using 3 photos to show orange as the main focus, or something tucked away in the background. My immediate thought was this incredible sunset I posted a few weeks back.

Citrus Shanghai Skyline

Citrus Shanghai Skyline

Michelle I also like to play with words and use alliteration 😉

Then there is Willow. Our cute 4 legged baby. She is gray with orange eyes… so unique.

Willow with her amber eyes.

Willow with her amber eyes.

Every other week I treat myself to a bouquet of flowers. They are pretty reasonable and smell divine. As the gray dull days of winter wind down I picked a sign of spring with these bright orange tulips.

Orange tulips -unedited

Orange tulips – unedited

I played with my photo editing program and enhanced it a bit too.

photo enhanced to show saturation of colour

photo enhanced to show saturation of colour

Orange is not a colour I am drawn too, but after this challenge I will be on the look out for it more. It is a happy colour that really lifts your spirits.

What is your favourite orange?

Stay tuned…

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Willow Wednesday -Winter Edition

Its been awhile since Willow made an appearance, so she’s back to wish you all Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and New Year.


Oh to have the life of a cat where a little bit of sunshine makes you smile :)

Oh to have the life of a cat where a little bit of sunshine makes you smile 🙂













All the best 🙂   -CTB 😀 2014

Stay tuned….


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Willow Wednesday #6

This will be the last Willow Wednesday (maybe) for the summer. We are back in Shanghai (except few days in Beijing) and our little furry baby will be home soon. YEA! I hope she doesn’t give us the cold shoulder. After a few minutes to check the place out and be sure her world is in order I am sure she will become my shadow.


WTP???? What the Position?

Love how cats can sleep anywhere, anytime, any way


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Do you have pets?     How do they behave when you come home?

Stay tuned…

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Willow Wednesday #5

Our short summer is almost over. Today we are heading to the airport, so thanks to a scheduling feature I am able to bring you Willow Wednesday #5.


Hee Hee... that was funny.

Hee Hee… that was funny.

Last week a lot of you liked Willow’s curiosity pose. Lavendar Ladi said it made her giggle. I found this pic where Willow also looks like she is giggling.


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What funny things have made you laugh out loud lately? Was it a funny joke? Something you saw? A pet or other animal being silly? Tell us in the comment section below.

Stay tuned….


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Willow Wednesday #4

Time again for another Willow Wednesday. Who doesn’t love funny pictures of pets? Come on admit it you have spent hours watching silly animal videos on You Tube 😉 Willow looks like a prairie dog here up on her hind legs. This is not a usual pose, but a sound or knock on the door piqued her curiosity.


Silly Pose – cat or prairie dog?

If you have a funny photo of your pet, or any animal, attach the link in the comment section below. Also I would appreciate a link back here, so we can find each other and share a giggle of all the funny animals.

Want more Willow? Then be sure to check out Willow Wednesday #1, 2 and 3.

Stay tuned…

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