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Beautiful Lake Louise in Winter

As winter comes to a close and CTB will be saying good-bye to winter forever (???), as we prepare to move to the Caribbean, I wanted to share some images of the Great Canadian icon in winter. Lake Louise, a short drive from Calgary, feels like it is a world away. You have seen the photos of the surreal turquoise waters, but have you seen it in winter? It is stunning, breath-taking and surreal in a new way. The elevation allows for great snowfall amounts. The trees look like they are covered in icing and the views look like a movie back drop. The dry cold makes you soon realise it is for real.

In late November, once the lake is completely frozen, the Chateau Lake Louise builds an ice castle and skating rink. Cross country skiing, snow shoeing and horse-drawn rides are also things to enjoy. Not far from the Chateau you can even go for dogsled rides! In January, there is an ice carving contest. As long as the weather allows, the ice sculptures sparkle in the sunlight and add to the surrounding landscapes. We enjoyed just walking in the snow and taking in the beauty of it all. Soon this will be traded in for hot temperatures and new vistas. I feel like Frederick from Leo Leoni’s book and soak it all into committing and etching it to memory.


Frozen - Lake Louise in a new way

Frozen – Lake Louise in a new way


The Ice Castle on the Lake


The boat house cabin patiently waiting for the spring thaw

The boat house cabin patiently waiting for the spring thaw

Have you ever been to Lake Louise?

Stay tuned…


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Winter Wonderland

Winter has arrived in parts of the Northern Hemisphere. In the Rocky Mountains of Alberta snow has been falling regularly over the last few weeks. In Lake Louise in a 24 hour period 54cm fell. We happened to be there that day and look at the fantastic views.


Lake Louise. Along the path to the Lake. A small ‘cabin’ near the Chateau Lake Louise.

Unfortunately the turquoise lake was under a thin layer of ice and the heavy snow blocked out the majestic mountain view. The snowflakes were quiet and wrapped the area in a surreal silence.

Banff -The snowy walk pack to the parking lot from the Hot Springs

Banff -The snowy walk pack to the parking lot from the Hot Springs

You may have wondered where I have been lately. It has been weeks since I posted anything. I have taken to Twitter and have been using it more frequently to do a quick post right from my phone. You can get the link to my Twitter feed to the right of the posts. I don’t think you need an account to view, but may to comment and like. I will try to get back here more frequently and post.


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Warmth – weekly photo challenge

This week’s theme is warmth. Many posts show people in warm places, or dreaming of warmer temperatures. Coming home to Canada I am wishing for snow. Crazy I know, but it has been a few years since I enjoyed the soft quietness and fluffy feather like snows that coat the land in a peaceful blanket that glitters in the sun.

Here is my Christmas gift; mittens in a soft suede to keep me warm on cold snowy days.


This photo was taken with my iPad.

Stay tuned….

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Dusky Hues

Here is my response to Bastet’s Pixleventures prompt DUSK.


A cold wintry night in December 2012 left beautiful colours as the sun was dipping below the horizon.

Dusky Pastels

Dusky Pastels


Conversely, the warm gentle breezes in August painted the sky with soft, pale colours in Port Dalhousie, Ontario.

Pale Dusky Summer Hues

Pale Dusky Summer Hues

Check out the link above to see more examples. You may also want to see my post from earlier today on our recent quick trip to Hong Kong.

Stay tuned…


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Cabin Fever: Tourist in Your Own Town

Happy New Year and Welcome to the first Tourist in Your Own Town for 2014!

Speaking of NEW this is post #301 for Canadian Travel Bugs. As a new year begins we also reflect back over the passing year. Thinking over the last posts of 2013 (check out my stats here thanks to WP) I noticed many of my recent posts have been photo challenges. My goal for the new year is to get back to more stories and adventures about China and travel as well as have this photo challenge that I host and post monthly to increase.  Without further ado here we go with this month’s challenge, Cabin Fever.

DO you feel like hibernating?

DO you feel like hibernating?

For most places in the northern hemisphere winter has hit with a vengeance. Winter has brought cold, damp temperatures and wet weather with rain, ice storms and lots of snow. With colder weather many people turn into hibernation mode and want to stay indoors. Who enjoys the miserable weather outside? Curling up by a warm fire, under a cozy blanket and enjoying a good book or movie may be how you spend your days. After awhile maybe cabin fever sets in when you are bored with the inside and feeling cooped up. Maybe if we share ideas of what we do everyday, or a post a view inside our homes it will give us new ideas and break the boredom.

I think we were lucky not to go home this Christmas with all the snow, ice and bad weather they have been having. Coming back to Shanghai after being in Cambodia we found the first night very cold and damp, but the next day it reached a comfortable 15c with clear skies! Today the air quality is bad, so we will spend the day inside watching TV, cleaning up, reading, and the most fun playing with Willow.


How to participate

  1. Post a photo of something inside your house, from your window, or your daily routine. It can also be an idea of how to break the boredom of being trapped inside. Alternatively post a photo of the weather from where you are. Maybe we will be jealous of your warmer temps or think Whoa at least it isn’t that bad! 😉
  2. Use the Tourist in Your Own Town as a tag and in the title of your post.
  3. Use Cabin Fever as a tag and in the title also.
  4. Link back to this blog in your post about Cabin Fever.
  5. Add a link to your post in the comments below, so others can find you easily.
Willow pooped out after playing chase. Time for a cuddle and watching TV.

Willow pooped out after playing chase. Time for a cuddle and watching TV.

Looking forward to seeing what you do to break Cabin Fever and how you spend your days.

Stay tuned… Next month there will be a new theme for Tourist in Your Own Town. Usually a new theme is posted the first weekend of the month. Also  check back this weekend for a post about our recent trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

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Waiting for Spring

This past week in Shanghai we had a taste of Spring. The winter season is shorter here and milder temperatures can come as early as mid-February. I enjoy the promise of spring, the longer days and warm sunshine.

Here are some dried flowers that I found in a garden when I was home in Canada this past December. It held on and is waiting for  the return of spring.


The orginal shot

The original shot

I played with a photography program and tried different effects with the same shot. Which is your favourite?

Stay tuned …

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Snow Shanghai Style

This week it snowed in Shanghai! Snow is a rare occurrence with our location about comparable to the latitude of Texas in the United States. Winters are usually mild, but feel colder due to the high humidity which translates into dampness that chills you to the bone! The first year I was here we had 2 small snowfalls one in December and the other January. Last year during Chinese New Year it was a biting cold with snow flurries, but nothing on the ground. This winter was cold and came a bit earlier than usual. I expected snow, but I never saw any. In early January just before we all returned to work there was snow, but I can’t speak of amounts since I missed it. The day we returned to work it did snow, and a few flurries filled the air and mere skiff covered the ground. It was short lived though.

Have you ever seen snow on a palm tree before?

Have you ever seen snow on a palm tree before?

While I was away on Chinese New Year holiday this year  it snowed again. Most of us were long gone to other holiday destinations, but a few teachers who stayed behind said it was a good amount for Shanghai and it left 2 maybe 3 cm of the white stuff on the ground. This week it snowed with another 2-4 cm of slushy white snow covering the ground. Reports were saying snow was in the forecast, but because it is so rare it is one of those “seeing is believing” things. I awoke very early Tuesday morning thanks to jet lag and peeked out the window. Everything was wet and it appeared it had rained. In the distance the highway, which is usually visible on clear days, was blurry. I thought there was something on the window or my glasses. When I moved I knew it wasn’t me, but something outside. It must be snow! Sure enough it started to move towards me and the usual landmarks slowly became blotted out. In the street lamps I could see the heavy wet stuff coming down hard. My first thought… snow day???

The slightest snow often causes delays and school or bus cancellations, but no phone calls. School was still on. I kept

Wet Slushy Snow Covering the Flowers

Wet Slushy Snow Covering the Flowers

watching as the snow started to cover cars and trees. Deciding not to take my electric scooter I went to catch our staff bus. It was a slushy, slippery mess outside. The flakes were big and fluffy though and it looked beautiful falling down, like feathers in the sky. I snapped a few shots, but my memory card beeped at me to announce it was full. Oh no of all days! The children were super excited about the snow, but we had indoor recess due to how wet it was. No one here comes dressed for snow, so no boots never mind  a snow suit in sight, so we had to enjoy the snow through the windows. By 10 AM the snow had stopped and by noon it was only a memory as most of it was all melted. The children were excited if they found a small pile of slush clinging to existence a little longer than the rest.

What was the weather like where you were this week?

Stay tuned for more 🙂


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Home is what defines us as people. How we furnish it, pictures and knick knacks from adventures, childhood and other milestones give a glimpse into who we are and what we hold as important. As an expat I don’t have a home, but a place to live. I won’t stay there forever, so my home is defined as my country. When meeting people one of the first questions asked is “where are you from?” I define myself as Canadian. People automatically make assumptions about what kind of person you are based on your passport.

Snow Storm Feb 8, 2013

Snow Storm Feb 8, 2013

Cultural references need to be explained to others and often the reference or meaning is lost in translation. One of the big things I find myself explaining is snow. Many people assume it is very cold and snowy in Canada all the time. They seem surprised when you mention summer. I fall into the trap when we get the few snow flurries or skiff of snow that barely covers the ground in Shanghai. I can be heard saying “This isn’t snow… you have to see a Canadian winter to experience real snow.” I should tell them the few flurries in Shanghai are the equivalent to a snow in summer in Canada and really mess with them 😉

 This week’s photo challenge is home. I happened to be home here in Canada to experience a ‘real snow’. This was the worst storm since 2008. In St. Catharines we had 44cm of the white stuff. To put it in perspective Toronto has had 33cm of snow thus far this winter, not including the February 8th snowfall of course. St Catharines had the highest amount where most places 20-30cm fell.  Snow is what home has been defined as since I have lived abroad for close to 3 years now. I am sure many of my coworkers and students will be in awe of my trip home and having the experience of all this snow.

Snowy Street

Snowy Street

Snow Blowing the Driveway

Snow Blowing the Driveway

Well over 33 cm of snow!

Well over 33 cm of snow!

To see more examples of the theme home or to join the photo challenge click here.

What does home mean to you?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

I was home in Canada for two weeks, so all of my recent photos are all about Canada. When I saw the theme Illumination I wasn’t sure I would post until I was looking at my trip home and saw photos of the falls lit up at night. Each night the falls are illuminated in colour. As we drove by I snapped a shot, but it just happened to be white at the time. It was also Festival of Lights and along the Niagara Parkway many light displays and trees are decked out in festive colours and lights. It is always a nice drive day or night with something to see. It seemed extra Christmasy with the lights and snow. Enjoy the short slide show of a few illuminated views.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out Word Press for more examples of this week’s theme or to join in the fun.

Stay tuned for more…




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Weekly Travel Theme: Glass

This week Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack has posted the theme Glass. Immediately I thought about my recent trip home where I walked along the Parkway in Niagara Falls. All the trees, fence posts, street signs and lamp posts were in cased in glass, I mean ice thanks to the freezing cold temps. I felt like I was inside of glass menagerie of beautiful figurines. I have seen this phenomenon before and each time it is different, but equally as beautiful. My only wish was I went on a sunny day. How everything would have sparkled and dazzled in the sun light. It was a nice touch that a few days before everything was also covered in snow. It added to the effect.

IMG_2008 IMG_2014



Bus loads of tourists were in awe of everything encased in so much ice. The additional weight even broke off some branches or bent some trees into usual shapes and designs.







Have something you would like to share? Want to see more examples for this theme? Click on the link to take you to Ailsa’s home page.

Stay tuned…

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