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Days Gone Bye… Pixelventures

Bastet has a great photo challenge this week of days gone by… things from the past or take a walk down memory lane. Just to be different I thought I would show you a contrast of things from a few places around the world. Places you can go today and see a glimpse into the past. I read a book as a child about some children who accidentally went back in time and I always thought that would be very cool to not only explore another place, but a time period as well. What would it be like then? Is what we know about the history correct? What did it look like in all it’s glory of that time period?

Come with me to glimpse back in time in these places. Do you know where they are?



Did you know this was Shanghai? This is around Yuan Garden where some of the buildings are the old low traditional style with the interesting roof in the typical Chinese architecture. Red paper lanterns decorate the buildings and little shops sell their wares. You could be walking down this street 10 or 20 years ago and it may have looked much the same. The newer cars and the tall buildings in the skyline give away the time period and you realise this was taken just a few months ago.

IMG_0776This is a small town in Cuba. I posted this photo before and it is a perfect example of off the tourist track. The old 50’s cars, bikes and horse drawn carts are still in use today exactly how they were in the 1050’s. Time stands still in Cuba in many ways, but the music and culture is somethings that touches your soul. It is a place we have visited 3 times and we hold dear to our heart.

DSC05729Did you guess this one? It is the hardest of all and I last went here in 2009, so it isn’t a trip I have posted about. It is Trajan’s Market in Rome. The ancient bricks, stone work, mosaics and architecture all gives us a little glimpse into the ancient past of a thriving empire. Oh to have been here to shop, or gossip would have been a part of everyday life 2000 years ago.

Be sure to check out some cool pictures from others by visiting Bastet’s page. You can always join in too. Just follow the link to find out how.

Busy weekend, poor internet and computer issues only allowed me to get to one post this weekend. Stay tuned… maybe more this week if I can find the time. If not for sure next weekend.

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Tourist in My Own Town: YuYuan Garden

I came up with the idea to start posting on touristy things to see and do in my own adopted town and this is installment #2. Yesterday I went to YuYuan Garden on a quest to buy some gifts for people back home. The school year is winding down and we have 1 week left before I will be heading back to Canada for some much-needed R and R. The shopping trip was a great opportunity to snap some pictures of this busy market area.

main intersection around YuYuan Garden

main intersection around YuYuan Garden

YuYuan Garden is an actual garden, but I have yet to visit. Each time I have gone we have hit the shops and braved the crowds. After which has worn us out and we have headed back home. Yesterday was no exception as I carried my heavy purchases and was on sensory overload. After a few hours in the heat, pollution, bargaining, searching and walking it was time to head home. Shop til you drop certainly held true after this shopping trip.

I was in search of the Commodities Market adjacent to YuYuan Garden shopping area. The area is laden with a variety of shops selling cheap trinkets, souvenirs, colourful collectables, fake watches and bags, decorations for Christmas, Chinese New Year and Weddings, jewelery, leather goods and more. We strolled the long way round (accidentally) as we looked for our destination. As we went I snapped a few photos of the crowds and buildings with their old tiled and traditional curved rooves. Sometimes I took a turn down a street where boxes were being loaded, unloaded and unpacked. I felt this behind the scenes peek was forbidden tourist space, rather than public access, but no one took notice as they went about their daily chores. This is something we rarely glimpse at home since it is done all after hours, but here it was a job that needed to be done, so it was with no worry about the time, tourists or packing items strewn about and across pedestrian areas.

Once inside the Commodities Market we were greeted with 4 floors of chaos. The stalls were tightly packed together. Here the workers hardly took notice or called out to entice us inside. They went about napping, eating, chatting to each other or just watched us all pass by. If you took interest in their shop they would quickly come to help, but not always unless you asked questions. The less stressful approach to buying was much more welcoming than the constant “lady, lady Whatch you want?” or “Looky Looky”. However the sensory overload of colours and items crammed into every available space soon gave us the overwhelming feeling of where to begin. In some places it looked like a Dollar Store threw up! Imagine 4 floors of Dollar Store goods! After bargaining, walking away and getting called back I made my first purchase. After a  few more trinkets purchased I went back to the streets in search of the ‘real’ shops looking for something with more appeal and substance for gifts.

At the entranceDSC03955e to this small compound of tiny living quarters I came across these ladies with a baby and small child. They called to the passing tourists to ask about watches and bags, as they unfolded a small laminated card to show you all the big name brands they had available. The baby sat quietly as it was bounced around when the lady would quickly pass her off to other arms to grab the next person within ear shot. The baby wasn’t wearing diapers, but split pants (slit from front to back) and no diaper. When the crowd thinned they held the baby over the sidewalk to take a pee.  I wish I got a shot of that! NOT! As I said in my previous post, who am I to judge their customs and traditions? They feel it is healthier for a baby not to be covered – no diaper rash!

Before delving deeper and deeper and getting lost I found purchases for everyone I needed to buy for and decided to head back to the metro. My bags were getting heavy and the heat was sapping all my energy so it was a good time to head back.

YuYuan Garden certainly has it charm. Wandering the little streets, market stalls and shops is a fun way to spend the day. If you are not as interested in shopping it is a great place to people watch. Tourists from around the world gather here as well as locals running with bags of wares as they deliver to the many places. Rest assured you will see something interesting that you would never imagine or have the opportunity to see at home. Take Metro Line 10 to YuYuan Garden and take exit #1. From the exit  follow the crowds right or left and you will enter the many little streets to let you explore.

If you want to be a Tourist in Your Own Town then:

  • Include “Tourist in Your Own Town” in the title and tags so others and I can find you
  • Write a post and comment about it below
  • Be sure to leave a link to your site and link it back here to CTB 😀 so we can all read about your neck of the woods

Stay tuned…

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World Through My Eyes: Weekly Photo Challenge

My whole blog is about the world and how I (we) see things as we live away from home. Here in Shanghai, China and as we tour around Asia I (we) show you what we see. I bring my thoughts, ideas, observations and pictures to a different way of life. All this is through my (our) eyes and how we interpret what we see. I try to see the good and humour in things and this blog has helped me not only stay in touch with home and give them updates, but keep me sane! Life here away from all that is familiar can sometimes be tough as we fight through language and cultural barriers or different rules and regulations. We must keep an open mind and remember we are only visitors here; our way is not necessarily the right way. Life here has brought to us many challenges and adventures.

As I learn and grow as a photographer I look for interesting shots and things to capture forever, frozen in time. These are the things I want to share with you all and remember as unique and special about our time here. This photo shows so many things as I saw them through my own eyes….


It was taken yesterday around Yu Yuan Gardens which has numerous shops, stalls and markets to buy everything from fake bags and watches to pearl and jade jewelery, or souvenirs of many kinds. This photo not only shows the traffic, people and shops, but also the old and new buildings. In the back ground you can see the newest addition to the skyline (soon to be Shanghai Tower), which will be the tallest building once complete. The skyline is not clear and you may strain to see the buildings, which is due to the higher level of pollution that has plagued the city the last few months. This past winter was the worst on record (since we arrived) and we had some extreme days. Things improved for a short time, but the last weeks have been bad again. We have had a few indoor recess times with the higher levels of pollution. When levels are over 200 we stay inside.

All these things I see through my eyes on a daily basis…. or strain to see on ‘red level days’. 😉 because the skyline is blurred and fuzzy with pollution. The old and new always amaze and interest  me. The city that has grown and developed, so fast it has widened the gap between cultures and those with designer flash and those that want to (or have to) hold onto old world charms coexist in one big city.

How do you see the world? Comment below or if you have a WP account post your own here.

What do you see through my eyes photo?

Stay tuned…

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