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After the chills that ran down my spine earlier this week when I heard about the horrific event at the Canadian Parliament I thought every newspaper and magazine will be covering the events in pictures, words and accounts as they try to piece together the how and why it happened. After all things like this don’t happen in Canada.

Here are my cover shots….


The Peace Tower and Canadian Flag a witness to lost innoncence in Ottawa on Parliment Hill

The Peace Tower and Canadian Flag a witness to lost innocence in Ottawa on Parliament Hill

This photo below was taken this past summer at the re-enactment of a battle of 1812 which, took place 200 years ago July 1814 in Chippewa Ontario. I added a soft focus to the  close up of a solider uniform and gloved hands.  The gloved hands are gentle.  Hands are meant to heal, help and hold. To me this photo  is a symbol of bravery and honour as Canadians stand up and fight for everyone to keep us safe. 200 years later this still rings true. Thank goodness to the quick action and thinking of those that risked their lives to keep so many others safe. Thoughts and prayers go out to the young man who lost his life.


This week Word Press asked us to show “Cover Art”. A photo that could grace the cover of a book, magazine or album.


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14 thoughts on “Cover Art: Photo Challenge

  1. God keep our land glorious and free… thanks for sharing.

  2. Freda Goulet

    Unfortunately, we must be prepared for home grown radicals along with our neighbors. Shootings and bombs are becoming more common as we all face the threats of terrorists. I love your picture of the gloved hands…white gloves without the stains of blood….for now!

    • Living abroad in a city with 25 million plus has hardly any violence or murders. In 5 years there has been 1 or 2. It makes me wonder why? What is different here?

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your spectacular country. O Canada!

  4. Can only hope sensible, thoughtful, humane, caring, forgiving heads prevail. Have you seen Jian’s piece yet?

    • Thanks for sharing and stopping by. I am off to check Jian’s video. With 2 incidents within a week it makes me think something is happening and lets hope similar events can be prevented in the future. Things like this don’t happen at home.

  5. A thoughtful and poignant post CTB – you took excellent advantage of the challenge to make something meaningful. Well done. Our thoughts are with Canadians everywhere.

    • Thanks Tina. It was really a shock and unbelievable. Living away from home is sometimes like being in a bubble. You think of all the good things about your home and when something sad happens you want to reach out and feel connected. This was my way of doing that. It was on my mind more than a cool photo of a book or chance to show off about me… my thoughts and prayers are with all those back home.

  6. Your pictures make me feel so patriotic. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful pictures and very meaningful too. They’re perfect.

    • Thanks Meg. It is a sad time for Canada and I wanted to show something special. The light and rosy glow behind the flag brings me hope.

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