Reward -WP Photo Challenge

If you could have anything as a reward what would it be? Word Press asked us to show reward this week. The trick is showing a reward in a photo. Sure working out, a good grade, or accomplishing a difficult task is a great reward for hard work. My greatest reward, if I could have anything, is…. travel. A quiet beach with waves soothing and relaxing me, a new city to explore or a culture and different food to experience is such a reward for me.

Hong Kong -bright lights big city

Hong Kong – bright lights big city


A small section of the Great Wall.

A small section of the Great Wall.


Where's the Beach?

Where’s the Beach?

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Luckily after long waits or hidden areas within the large temple maze I was able to get some incredible shots I was hoping for.

Luckily after long waits or hidden areas within the large temple maze I was able to get some incredible shots I was hoping for. Angkor Wat, Cambodia


What a view!

What a view! – Philippines

I have been very lucky to travel to so many places and reward myself :) My reward is looking at all the stamps in my passport and photos I have taken. Enjoy sharing my reward.

How do you reward yourself?


Stay tuned…


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Rule of Thirds: WP photo challenge

Last week WP told us to look for symmetry, this week we are back to the usual photographic rule; the rule of thirds. When taking a photo photographers suggest visualising a grid dividing your image into thirds horizontally and vertically. Putting the focal point in one of those thirds, other than the centre, it provides visual interest.

Jen H. at word press not only suggested using the rule of thirds, but keeping the main subject in focus and the background blurred, or bokeh.

My first shot is rain drops on an evergreen tree.

cool summer rain

cool summer rain

This shot is one of my favourites of a dewy spiderweb.

glistening dew drops

glistening dew drops

Each shot fits the rule of thirds in different ways, however the background is blurred.What do you think?

Stay tuned…

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#Pink It Forward

My friend over at Patchwork Ponderings has offered me the challenge to post something in response to the Pink It Forward campaign. Each month she always does a post on special days and charities that are held in the given month. It is almost Pink Shirt Day. What is that? Well it all started in a response to bullying a few years ago. Kids can be mean, push you around, steal your lunch money or say things that hurt more than any physical pain. One such kid was getting teased and a bunch of kids at their school decided not to stand by and let it happen. Instead they all wore pink shirts to show support to the kid who was getting picked on. Now the bully didn’t have one victim, but had a team of kids standing up and making a difference. Pink shirt day was then adopted by many other schools and now even school boards all over. Bullying has changed with technology and the Pink it Forward is asking for the internet to be a kind and positive place.

The challenge is easy….

How can you get involved? It’s simple:

1. During the weeks leading up to and on Pink Shirt Day – February 25th, post a photo of someone special on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It could be a friend, teammate, colleague, family member, classmate or even someone you just met.

2. Add the caption below and fill in the blanks with their name and why they’re so awesome:

Twitter: For #PinkShirtDay, I appreciate ____________ because________. Now it’s your turn to #PinkItForward

Instagram or Facebook: For #PinkShirtDay, I’m helping to stop bullying by? turning the Internet into a positive place. I #PinkItForward to ________ for _______________. Now it’s your turn!

3. Remember to tag that person so they can also #PinkItForward.

It’s that easy! And remember, each time someone spreads the kindness by using #PinkItForward, Coast Capital Savings will donate $1 to Pink Shirt Day – up to $45,000!

This February 25th, let’s turn the Internet positive!

Special thanks to our partner Coast Capital Savings who will be donating $1 for every #PinkItForward to Pink Shirt Day!



Patchwork Ponderings nominated me because I teach kids that kindness matters. As you know I am a teacher and the kids I teach are from families of executives of companies, diplomats of countries, or well off families. The one thing I wanted to focus on with each class was just being kind and showing appreciation. Very quickly I saw kids leaving a mess for someone else to clean up, never saying thanks and expecting the cleaners to just do it. They weren’t doing it to be mean, but that is a way of life here. Each home has at least one person to do all the work so you don’t have to. We started to focus on our classroom and each other by at least saying thank you. I had some very kind and generous kids in my class and I focused on their kindness and it quickly spread. Little things mean a lot. Respect for people no matter what their profession is important because they are human first and whatever job second. Just because of life circumstances we don’t have the right to think we are better than someone else. We are all special.

We practise this daily and it is amazing how fast it grows and spreads. My classroom is safe to be yourself and everyone is treated with fairness and respect. I hope they take that out into the playground, the street and life.

Have You Filled a Bucket TodayI was taking a course and someone introduced me to the book “Have you filled a Bucket Today”. It is a kid friendly way to explain kindness. She worked in a hard inner-city school and the kids got it. I supplied for her class and they were amazing! So polite and respectful. Something that is rare to see in a rough school especially when you are the supply teacher! Each year I read this to my students and it becomes the language in our classroom. You can easily fill a bucket by saying something kind, smiling, helping, letting someone join in… but you can also dip in someone’s bucket by saying something mean, laughing and teasing or hurting them. The children enjoy sharing stories and brainstorming their own ideas in what you should and shouldn’t do. Quickly we have a class full of bucket fillers. Occasionally we have bucket dippers too, but it gives them the words to express themselves and they begin to understand that words and actions hurt too.

So for #Pink It Forward I challenge all of you to smile at someone, say something nice, hold a door for, say thanks to your bus driver… try it – it is easy.

Stay tuned….


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Chinese Symmetry -WP Photo Challenge

When I take pictures I often follow the rule of thirds to make things more interesting. This causes difficultly when looking for pictures with symmetry. I took a rainy stroll around the block today and looked for things that created symmetry.

A street sign showing Chinese characters isn’t symmetrical, but some Chinese characters can be divided equally.

some Chinese characters are symmetrical

some Chinese characters are symmetrical

Wednesday is New Years Eve and Chinese lanterns and other decorations are popping up all around. The entrance to this shopping area was very symmetrical.

Chinese New Year decorations near City Shop and Yanlord Town

Chinese New Year decorations near City Shop and Yanlord Town

Expensive cars grace the streets in my neighbourhood and I noticed the grill of this high-end car to be symmetrical.

man made symmetry

man made symmetry

Look for what creates balance and symmetry in your neighbourhood. Find something? Post about on WP or tell us about in the comments below.

Stay tuned…


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Scale -Bigger than Life: WP Challenge

This week’s WP Photo theme is SCALE. When we visited Hong Kong Disney (Fall 2014) we noticed that things from Toy Story were larger than life. All our favourite toys from childhood were creatively made into displays.

Larger than child size!

Larger than child size!

This photo here shows just how big they were; certainly not to scale.

On a side note did you know there is a Disney theme park being built in Shanghai? Just made official the park will be ready to open spring 2016.

Stay tuned…

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Depth -WP Photo Challenge

Depth… can be so many things.

Say something deep – full of meaning and inspire others.

Show depth as in something far away.

Depth – maybe an unreachable goal, or something to be working towards.

Can buildings show depth? A view from below looking way up over 100 floors high.

World Financial Tower and Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai

World Financial Tower , New Shanghai Tower and Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai

Maybe if your head is in the clouds ;)

Can a horizon show depth? Maybe if you are dreaming about what lays beyond, or are pondering your future.

Subtle Sunset

Subtle Sunset

I like how this simple photo seems panoramic in this light just as the sun was fading away.  It seems to show depth of the never-ending Shanghai skyline, with the contrast of light and shadow.

It is a little chilly this week in Shanghai and all these shivers have shaken out my creative prose. To see more be sure to head over to Word Press.



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“A Little Polluted” -Shanghai Smog

The Shanghai Daily, a local newspaper, reported Shanghai weather January 25th as …a little polluted with temperatures reaching as high as 17c Saturday. I guess this is a new term to describe weather. It certainly has become part of my daily routine, check the weather and AQI before heading outside. Living in Shanghai over the last 5 years pollution has become more apparent. The first year we didn’t notice it much. The second year we found a few days uncomfortable and you could see it along the skyline. The third year we lived here levels became high where the sky looked an odd greenish grey. Being outside it irritated your eyes, nose and throat. Soon after our school started to report the levels to us and parents. If it is higher than 200 (pm2.5) children would be kept inside. The school also purchased air purifiers for the classrooms.

We started to see more bad air days and higher levels last year (2014). One day it reached a high well over 400, and some reports say closer to 500. Inside even with air purifiers at full speed a haze and acrid smelling air found its way into classrooms. This year we purchased an expensive air purifier for our apartment, despite us leaving in a few months. We decided our health was worth the expense.

The shot on the right shows a little blue sky…levels are around 200.

This weekend reports are saying Beijing, North of Shanghai (5 hours by speed train, few hours by plane) is unlivable due to the air quality. Beijing has always had the bad rap for air since it is in a valley and it is easier for the bad air to get trapped. Shanghai is now starting to see the problems Beijing has experienced, but without the same geography. The local government in Shanghai is trying to cut back on bad pollutants when winds are low and air quality indexes get high in hopes this will reduce the pollution levels in the city. Cleaner coal has been purchased, as coal is still a major producer of electricity here.

The shot of the right is zoomed in and you can just faintly make out the new Shanghai Tower.

My theory for bad air, around this time of year, is the holidays are soon approaching. Chinese New Year is the equivalent to our Christmas. Most businesses can shut for as long as 2 weeks, so workers can go home to celebrate with families. Shanghai has a large migrant community with people moving here to make larger wages or get work. My theory is there is an increase in production and manufacturing to make up for lost time. Is it possible to work over time, extra shifts and 24 hour rotations to stock pile products, so the world can keep on consuming? It may explain the sudden spike in higher levels. For example today at 8AM levels were low/normal for this time of year, around 140. The website I use to check classes that as “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups”. By noon is was around 170, or Unhealthy. As I started to write this post it was 220, or Very Unhealthy. The latest update now pegs us at 337 or Hazardous. Our air cleaner is pumping hard and not able to keep “blue” showing clean air.

Screen Shot of AQI Jan. 25, 2015

Screen Shot of AQI Jan. 25, 2015

Of course we can say China has a problem, but so did north America 30-40 years ago. What changed? Most industry moved here. What isn’t made in China? Something to ponder….

Stay tuned…

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Serenity Now -Photo Challenge

“Serenity now…. serenity now !” – Frank Costanza, Seinfeld

When times get stressful what do you imagine, or wish for?

I feel most relaxed and at peace with the whisper of the winds in the trees, a warm breeze to tickle my toes and a view like this:

The perfect view to relax

The perfect view to relax. The view from my beach chair, Cuba 2012.

Thanks to WP for this theme.

Stay tuned…


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Shadow & Light -WP Photo Challenge

Time Flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind – Nathaniel Hawthorne

Without light we would have no shadow… without shadow we would not appreciate the light. Lately I have noticed and appreciated the light and shadow contrast and captured it in a few different ways.

Maple leaves, John and I in Shadow

Maple leaves, John and I in Shadow

I enjoy taking pictures of our shadows. The long lines make our portraits interesting and fun.

Speaking of fun…. I noticed this shadow on our wall one morning. Can you guess what it is?

What the ....? What do you think it is?

What the ….? What do you think it is?

Last spring I caught this shadow on a wall and the eerie feel made a cool effect on digital. I posted this one before, but I really like it.

Things that go bump in the night

Things that go bump in the night

One of my favourite shots of the Shanghai skyline rounds out my pics of shadow and light… the colours are so vibrant and it was rare to capture such a spectacular citrus sunset.

Citrus Shanghai Skyline

Citrus Shanghai Skyline

Let shadows wash over you and bathe in the light…. CTB :D 2015

Check out WP for more Shadows.

Stay tuned…

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Take a peek of my year in review… Stay tuned for more in 2015.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 5,400 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 5 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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