Peaceful #2: Travel Theme

I posted already on peaceful this week, but I had 2 very different examples, so I thought it best I post these separate. Check out my other post here if you haven’t already.

I find the beach the most relaxing and peaceful. The beach holds many great memories as we have played in the waves, built sand castles, swam with dolphins and felt the warm sun relax and sooth our souls. I have been lucky enough to travel to many beaches all over the world. One of the most relaxing destinations that for me made me feel the most at peace wasn’t a fantastic powdery soft sand beach, but a resort nestled in the hills and amongst the palm trees. We stayed in a small hut with bamboo floors and rice paper windows. The one wall was only a thick canvas curtain that provided us with an incredible view high up on the hill. There was no need to leave our room since the view was so spectacular. We spent time on our balcony, or on the open window bench just soaking it all in, reading and enjoying the view. I slept so soundly as the wind rustled in the leaves and the waves crashed gently on the shore below. No TV, phones and hard to access internet gave us a true break from all the city noise and commotion in Shanghai. This was truly peaceful…

A room with a view

A room with a view


View from the balcony

View from the balcony

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Stay Tuned… one more post this weekend (that is 4 total!)

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9 thoughts on “Peaceful #2: Travel Theme

  1. mrscarmichal

    wish I was there right now.

    • Me too! It is the most incredible and peaceful resort I have even been to. They designed it really well and you don’t see any resorts around you. It is tucked into a little pocket of its own. It is easy enough to go to the busier beach where all the shops and restuarants are too… best of both worlds! Everyone we met there were repeat customers!


    That looks just wonderfully peaceful!

    • It is… If you like to laze about and just relax this is the place for you! I was sick when we were there for a few days and I still could enjoy the view instead of being boxed up in a regular hotel staring at 4 white walls.

  3. I wouldn’t leave my room either! Gorgeous view, CTB.

    • It was awesome… a place we really would love to go again. Every customer we met was a repeat customer and you can see why!

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