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Wednesday was the first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere… change has been felt here in Alberta throughout the month of August and September. Light snow flurries have been spotted in the city and more in the nearby mountains, on more than one occasion, since we arrived out here August 13th. Not only is it a change of seasons, but a change for me. Living in Shanghai for 5 years we didn’t see a lot of snow and maybe this kind of weather in January or February… not summer!

3 Seasons in 3 Days

3 Seasons in 3 Days

September 11-14 we saw a big change… 3 seasons in 3 days. We climbed to 30c and dropped to single digits, snow in the mountains. The leaves had started to change colour too. This photo looks like I added colour and black and white, but it is the snow blocking out the green of the grass and evergreen trees. A few days later we were back to mid 20s. Welcome to Canadian weather… ever-changing.

You may recognise this photo. I posted it on twitter. I have been taking to twitter more and more as I have a quick pic or idea I want to share. Sometimes I tweet a random thought, event or idea instead of a posting here.  To check out my tweets, take a look at the sidebar on the right and click away.

Change can be interpreted in many ways. Here is a link to WP too see more ‘change’.

Stay tuned…

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8 thoughts on “Change: Photo Challenge

  1. Your photo certainly captures “change.”

  2. Quite a change from last year for sure CTB! Hope you’re enjoying being closer to home

    • Thanks Tina. I am finding it a bit chilly, but then this is Canada. Just wait a day and the weather changes! Especially out here in Calgary…. Summer one day, then chilly, snow all in a few days.

  3. Just too early to be thinking snow… for me anyway 🙂

    • Yes me too…. I lived in Shanghai for 5 years, so I was spoiled from Canadian Winters. We had snow maybe 1-2 times a year there and not until January/February. To have snow in August/September when I am still thinking summer and should be wearing sandals… brrr.

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