Travel Theme Photo Challenge: Oceans

Ailsa over at Where’s My Backpack has come up with another great challenge and this time it is also meant to educate. World Ocean Day was June 8th. Learn more here at . With so much knowledge about the environment we sometimes forget about the oceans. A few disturbing things I have recently learned about the ocean… I think it was on Discovery Channel or National Geographic that I learned about this problem with our oceans. Due to ocean currents there is a ‘garbage island’ floating about our earth. Water bottles, containers, drums, plastic rings and other human materials that have been lost at sea or discarded get picked up by currents and then have joined each other in one massive swirling unbiodegrable heap. How sad is that? It pollutes or waters and harms the wildlife that eat it or get entangled in it. You can read about it on Wikipedia under the Great Garbage Patch.

Another problem I have heard about is fishing nets. They are meant to catch fish, but due to their size and invisible nature under water boats, people and wildlife get caught in them. Just this weekend I was watching an episode of Ellen that aired in March about a whale that had a long net tangled on its tail. It took over 8 hours to free the whale. The net also contained other wildlife like sharks, seals and fish. It is a shame that in this day and age we cannot come up with a more humane way of catching fish. I guess it comes down to time and money; work the least amount of time and get the most product in the time you spend. I spoke before how my uncle and grandfather were fishermen. They had small boats and used lobster and crab traps for shellfish and simple hook and lines for larger fish. There were many hooks on a simple frame and within minutes, in a good fishing ground, the boat would be full and they would return to shore. Now big trawlers, mainly from other countries, come in with their large nets and over fish. The Grandbanks of Canada is no longer teeming with fish as it once was. The Canadian Government now puts quotas on our fishermen and licences are no longer available, only current ones can be bought and sold for big dollars. Is it fair that other countries are overfishing our waters and not thinking about the future and consequences of their actions? Is it fair that some Canadian lively hood is lost because someone else thinks they do not have to follow the laws? Doesn’t seem fair does it?

Well time to get off the soap box and share a photo! I have recently been to the China Sea and Gulf of Mexico, but no oceans… In the past I  have been to the Atlantic and Pacific, but those photos I always seem to want are in the pesky storage. I guess this summer I should start scanning some old images and making them digital! However, I did find this one of the Atlantic Ocean as we flew along the US coast on our way to Cuba. No waves or turquoise blues here, but a god’s eye view from above… enjoy 🙂

If you want to see more ocean pics, or participate check out this link for Where’sMyBackpack. We can always make room for one more 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Travel Theme Photo Challenge: Oceans

  1. Lovely and very heartfelt post, CTB, the Great Garbage Patch, and increasing frequency of oil spills are a very sad sign of the times, as is the over-fishing of our oceans.

  2. Freda Goulet

    Very thought provoking blog , Diana. I knew that our oceans have become a garbage dump for much human waste, some from cruise ships, but not to the extent of the “garbage patch”. Just the other day a huge dock washed ashore on the west coast…a remnant of the earthquake in Japan last year. It is amazing that it travelled that distance.
    You are exactly correct re the plight of our Canadian East Coast fishermen. Your cousin Adam, is trying to make a living , with his own boat this year. Not an easy task with the overfished waters and government regulations.

    • Sometimes technology is not a good thing… we should maybe practise KISS – keep it simple stupid 😉 I didn’t know about this at all until we saw it on a TV show. Our school has an ecology action group and they try to inspire the kids and everyone to make better choices. We don’t really have recycle programs here, but people sort the trash and find all the things they can to reuse and sell for money. It is a sad life, but a way to make a living. For us it is fun to see the bikes piled high with all this stuff.
      Good luck to Adam this summer !

  3. What a lovely photo! Just beautiful.

  4. Wow. That is one amazing view of the ocean from above with exciting words to go. Thank you. Hope you can check out this week’s image challenge. It’s about “happiness…” Have a great weekend.

    • Thank you. With the ocean theme I went a little ‘green’ and environmental. I went out for a bit today so have yet to post and do the photo challenges.

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