Weekly Challenges (combined): Happiness & Secret Places

I am running out of weekend and I still want to post the weekly photo challenges for this week. I have been doing Ailsa’s weekly challenge and now Island Traveller (a blog I follow) has started one too. I am sorry I am cheating a bit, or just trying to multi-task and do more than 1 thing at a time 😉 Teaching and the end of the year are TOO busy… kids (and teachers) are wanting to wind down, but the work is not finished just yet.

Ailsa had a very cool challenge this week please check it out! I now want to head to NYC and find this ‘secret place’ in plain view. The theme is “Secret Places” and she links things to travel. Island Traveller at This Man’s Journey has started a new challenge with a changing theme about the Weekly Image of Life and this week the theme is Happiness. To save time and post for both I thought about how I could link the two and came up with this:

From some windows at school and my hallway at the apartment I get this view of Shanghai and I think Wow how lucky am I to be here and have such an experience. A girl from a small town where everyone wanted to ‘get out’ I never thought I would go far afield. Sure I wanted to travel, but didn’t feel the need to escape the small town that was clean, quiet, safe and friendly. It makes me happy to see how far I have come, to do the job  I love, travel and have incredible opportunities. That makes me happy. The other day I was up to neck in work and I happened upon this view and I stopped… went and grabbed the camera and took the time to recharge and enjoy and slow down. Watching the clouds and the sun rays peek out made me happy and wow what a view!

Shanghai Skyline from work

Now my secret is out… when feeling stressed I stop, look out the window and watch the world go by. From the back stairwell at school I can escape a minute and recharge; this is my secret place where I can find solitude and happiness.

Each night I look out towards the Pearl Tower as I step off the elevator. When the sky is clear the view is fantastic night or day. It has been smoggy lately and I was happy to see a wonderful sunset yesterday. This is my secret place that always makes me smile and happy.

Want to join in or see more check out these links for other entries 🙂 You don’t have to be a pro to join in!

Stay tuned for more from CTB next week…

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Challenges (combined): Happiness & Secret Places

  1. What fantastic views! And looking out the window is a very reasonable thing to do…

  2. That’s a beautiful sunset scene! Hope your teaching work wind down soon.

    • 2 weeks…. or 9 days (next Monday is a holiday) but who is counting? 😉 This year seems busier than last and shorter deadlines!

  3. What a spectacular view! I did love the amazing skyline in Shanghai, especially at night. We stayed on the Bund and I was mesmerized by all the colorful lights.

    • Yes the Bund would be a fantastic view. The school took us on the river cruise at nigh. It was so colourful. Expo at night was a sight too. All over Shanghai they have fancy light displays on their buildings. From our balcony we can see 2 buildings with the patterns of lights. It is cool.

  4. I love it, CTB, stunning views from your secret place.

  5. You have happiness in your heart which I believe even the beautiful sunset agrees. You see the goodness in things and people. You appreciate life in a more meaningful way.From the view by your window to the places you’d been, inspiration follows you. These words made me smile, “It makes me happy to see how far I have come, to do the job I love, travel and have incredible opportunities.” Indeed you did and continued to walk a wonderful road ahead. Thank you for sharing your world with us. Truly a happy world.

    • Thanks… it has been tough lately and I had to stop and remember why I came half way around the world. I try to remember to live by a quote I read once…. there is always some good in everyday, no matter what has happened. To daydream and forget helps! Thanks again for your kind comments.

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