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Today was not just a good day, but a great day! Since we drove out west to Calgary, Alberta we have been enjoying the scenery and fresh mountain air. On the weekends we have gone to Lake Louise, an hour and half drive from Calgary.  Lake Louise is known for its surreal blue green waters and snow capped mountain back drop. We have hiked up the trail starting at Lake Louise to Lake Agnes. It is a 3.4KM hike one way, up a trail surrounded by pine trees. The smell is heavenly and keeps you distracted as your muscles ache with the steep trail hike.

Half way up the trail is Mirror Lake. A small little still lake. At the top is Lake Agnes which falls over the edge creating a small water fall. The tea house is a welcome sight, after an hour and a half hike, to relax and take in the views before heading back down the trail. The tea house serves amazing teas, fresh homemade baked goods and soups. Today was a good day 🙂

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Sunday we went for a walk along the Bow River which winds its way through Calgary. The weather was perfect with a comfortable temperature and blue skies with a few clouds. You could see the mountains in the distance. Everyone seemed to be out walking, biking, boating and running. We enjoyed the leisurely stroll along the river bank and through a park. Another good day.

View of Calgary, Bow River and Mountains in the distance. A few days later the view was muted with wild fire smoke and visibility went from 25+KM down to less than 8KM.

View of Calgary, Bow River and Mountains in the distance. A few days later the view was muted with wild fire smoke and visibility went from 25+KM down to less than 8KM.

Unfortunately we went from clear skies and clean air to a poor air quality. Smoldering fires burning in the US Northwest have drifted many miles North blanketing Calgary and many other parts of Western Canada. There is a smoke so thick it has caused prompts to stay indoors and close windows. Monday the sky looked similar to the ones we experienced in Shanghai. Dreary gray that blocked out the sun rays. Tuesday you could smell the smoke and it irritated your eyes. The aqi went from 8 to 239, which happened to be much higher than the 59 reading in Shanghai. In Canada the scale is different; a 10 point scale. The TV news reported today that readings from yesterday came in at 17! Yes 7 points over the max. This is not normal for this area and reports are saying this is the worse the city has experienced.  So many people have lost their homes and have been evacuated. At least we know the cause and it will be short lived, rain is in the forecast. Hopefully that will get things back under control before more damage is done. I do not mean to whine about the poor air, as some people have experienced great loss. I only made the comparison to our life in China. Well wishes and positive thoughts go to all those involved in the areas affected by the fires.

Today things are improving and soon we will be back to blue skies and ready for more great days.

Stay tuned…

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13 thoughts on “Today was a Good Day -Photo Challenge

  1. This area is unbelievably beautiful! Great photo, CT! 🙂

    • Thanks Amy… it is beautiful isn’t it. I will never tire of the view. I am glad to have the chance to ‘live’ here even if it is only a few weeks.

  2. My mom was just telling me about the awful AQI in Calgary. She said she has sore throat, even though she’s been inside the house with the windows sealed all day long! Lol…bad air is definitely not something people living out west are used to. I remember it being crystal clear all the time, with the oat amazing sunsets, growing up! 🙂

    • Yes it is unusual for Canada for sure. Yesterday it got to be over 400+ aqi, which was hard on the eyes and nose. Today was poor for Canadian standards, but good for Chinese days… only 59 that is a great day to get out and open windows. It bothered many people, but I think I am used to it, so I felt OK today. At least we know this is short lived and the terrible cause behind it. In China it is a long term problem not so easily fixed.

  3. I hope the rains come soon for everyone’s sake.

  4. Oh no you don’t want Shanghai skies anymore!

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  6. Amy C.

    Wow! Great pics! I had no idea about the air quality issues. Keep us posted!

    • Things here have improved after 5 – 6 days of smoky air. At some points it smelled like a campfire. At least this bad air was short lived. Much needed rain moved into the areas affected by the fires and hopefully they will be under control now.

  7. Lake Louis remains one of those gorgeous parts of Canada! So nice to see it through your lens… its been way too many years since I was there in person!

    • It is so lovely there… and the fresh pine smell in the air. Despite the rain 2 out of 3 visits we have enjoyed the views and fresh air.

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